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Reducing Borewell Salinity - Palavakkam, Chennai.

The chemical analysis of the borewell-water samples from my flat at Palavakkam, Chennai-41, is as follows:-

pH level=7.559

Conductivity=32900 micro-siemens/cm


TDS level=20396 ppm

Total Hardness=1200 ppm;

The depth of the borewell is 58 ft and the soil type present there in that flat compound is clay-soil. Kindly provide clarifications regarding my doubts, listed below:

1) How to reduce the salinity in that borewell-water ? Digging another well is not an option. Any suitable treatment methods may also be please suggested.

2) One method is by rainwater-harvesting over a period of years, but then the rainwater is not available throughout the year in Chennai. Is it not?


3) Can you please name any particular type of plants/trees[like Canna Indica (or) "kalvazhai" in Tamil] to grow  near that borewell, which can absorb the salinity of the soil present in that area, so that the salinity of the borewell-water may come down below  some 2000 ppm?

B.Chandrasekar, Scientific Officer, Dept.of Atomic Energy, GOVT.OF INDIA,

Kalpakkam 603102, Chennai.   

E-mail: 64552(Chennai)




Dear Mr.Chandrasekar,

The water from your bore well is only marginally better than sea water.Palavakkam is on the ECR and hence it is not surprising that bore well water has been severely affected by sea water intrusion.

If you are looking at using the bore well water for use in your flat, there is nothing that can be done. There is no economical method to treat it domestically nor any plants that can reduce the salinity appreciably.It would be better for you to close this well and get better water from elsewhere in tankers.

Rainwater can be collected in tanks and used,but if you attempt to re-charge your well water,it will not help in any way.As pointed out by you,rainwater is available only in a couple of months in a year.




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