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Purification Method Selection, Advice Required: Test Report Provided!

The report on the analysis of water(from borewell) used in my house is as follows

1. Turbidity - 52 NTU  2. PH - 5.80  3. Acidity - 6mg/lt  4. Alkalinity - 42mg/lt

5. Total hardness - 36 mg/lt 6. Calcium - 8.82 mg/lt 7. Mg - 5.61mg/lt

8. Iron - 2.98mg/lt 9. Chloride - 18mg/lt 10. Flouride - 0.05mg/lt

11. Bacteriological analysis - 29 Coliforms/100ml

12. Colour - 50 Hasen

From the report it is seen that the water has high turbidity, Iron, Colour, low PH, coliforms and needs to be treated before use.

Please suggest methods/purifying systems/purifiers suitable for improving the quality of water to acceptable levels.


Soni. R




Dear Soni,

The important thing is to find out where is the coliform in water coming from. Perhaps an open sewer line is the cause. Please make sure to rectify that. It is the reason of coliform and color in water. In addition, iron removal filters and Activated carbon filter shall purify the water to desired value.

With best regards,

Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Dear Soni. R,

The iron content will be mostly in dissolved form because of the low pH and this would account for the high turbidity.

The total hardness and all other constituents are all well within limits. Because it is for domestic use in a single house hold, the options for treatment will be rather limited. However; I would suggest an iron removal filter and a chlorination device to eliminate the coliform bacterial.

If the well is regular continuous use, the water quality could improve. I would suggest that you attempt to install a simple fountain to aerate his water before it goes through an iron removal filter and then chlorination before it is pumped to an overhead tank.

You are always welcome to ask me for any further advice you may need.


S.S. Ranganathan
Ion Exchange

3. Brown colored well water- What is best solution for iron removal

Hi Sir,

I am facing iron problem in our open well. Colour is brown now. Iron content is about 10ppm. What is the best solution?

I am thinking of installing an iron removal filter. Is it required to install any pre or post sand filter for the iron removal filter? Would appreciate your response. Thanks &


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