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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Borewells - Covering all stages from Selecting a site to Maintenance!

  •  The Borewell FAQ is meant to provide a primer on the basics related to all aspects of borewells. The FAQ covers topics from the initial planning, selection of site to final commissioning & maintenance of the structure. A well compiled document with links to relevant queries under the Borewell section of AAQ, it provides a much needed starting point for all contemplating a borewell!

Access here: Borewell FAQ

Research and Compilation by,

         Ramesh Sakthivel, India Water Portal

  • Managing Borewells is a short note by Vishwanath Srikantaiah for the trouble free development & operation of the same.

Access here: Borewell Management

Compiled by,

        Vishwanath Srikantaiah

IWP requests users to view the same as a starting point in collating information on Borewells and to add more suggestions, information as responses in this thread




I feel very sad to note that IWP has supported divining with wooden sticks or magnetic blocks for identifying borewell sites. There is absolutely no scientific basis for these “techniques”; and from a scientific perspective this is just hocus-pocus, occult. However, I am aware that it could have been worse. Thus, I am happy to note that IWP has stopped at divining, and has refrained from suggesting that the borewell should be in a particular corner of the plot because Vaastu or Feng-Shui says so.

Chetan Pandit

2. FAQ on Borewells

Dear Sir,


I do not fully agree with statement informing that "There is absolutely no scientific basis for these “techniques”; and from a scientific perspective this is just hocus-pocus, occult."  

What is the science behind the Vasthu.  Because it is recorded for centuries we are forced believe but I could not find any scientific root behind it.  

Rather I can state that we never bother to know or explore about the scientific facts involved in the so called occult divining.  There are some facts hidden in their practice.   Even today I also never encourage divining and do not believe in that.

Though my reasoning is against it but the experience in the early Eighties and nineties is pushing me to find the hidden fact in that.   

When I ran a micro resistivity profile across the strike of the fractures, the point located by me and the so called diviner coincided at the Blue Mount Plantations along the Coimbatore - Mettupalayam high road near Veerakeralam.   Water struck at 305 feet exactly predicted by the diviner where as I have indicated between 290 to 310 feet.


And during Nineties during acute drought, in Tirupur area many such micro resistivity profiles coincided with the diviners points and water occurred below 960 feet or 1100 feet or 740 feet.  Even today these bore wells are running. May be I have checked throughout my career more than about 200 such points and most of them coincided and delivered water with huge quantities.  Even in the Pollachi Coconut groves numerous such cases I have come across in late eighties. 


I Used Deep probing dipole-dipole profiling and it took nearly 2 days in about 20 acres land where as the diviner took hardly about one or 2 hours in the coconut groves.

 There were more failed bore wells than the successful ones  divined by these so called "occult practitioner" during drought periods.  

But  Even today the successful one that coincided and this experience is bewildering me though I have no belief in the occult. 

Can any one try to find the root cause behind the occult science.  May be our Rishies  and monks might have perfected the science and practiced it which we might have lost.  

I have a feeling that our science and available knowledge is limited to probe these facts may be only the time will answer.

A. Raja Mohamed Ambalam


Coastal Energy Private limited.

Chennai.;  09790934534


3. FAQ on Borewells

Dear Sir,

We at Well & water works put our faith on our scientific background, but it is our experience while working with some water diviners, who selected location for drilling using sticks, pendulums, copper rods were met with success, in one of the cases, the diviner was able to quantify the water that would be struck with an accuracy of more than 90 %, which did surprise us, but then the problem with him was that he over estimated the depth of drilling 100%.

Here the job was done by us doing our scientific survey in his absence, after we had selected the locations and given our order of preference, the divine came and made is selection, and bore well were drilled, where the first preference locations were within 1 meter of our first preference. He required the location to be exact and we recommended drilling anywhere near the location.

The other fact is that there is a water body (dug well) located in all the forts located on the top of the mountains in the Basaltic terrain, and also wells having sweet water, in the forts situated on islands just of the konkan coast.

These structures have been built much before the present day surveying techniques came in to existence. This implies that there must have been some sort of advanced knowledge/science  which these ancient people  practised so as to be able to locate these locations to tap water. The thing that needs to be kept in mind that these water wells have been dug in areas where there is no dry river near it, nor is there a thick weathered soil profile, which has been a standard requirements set by almost all Government and scientific communities. Many of the wells are having hard rock at Zero level, and are still productive till date.

It is true that with diviners it is difficult to know the genuine ones from the fake, but then same is also true for the present lot of scientific persons operating in this lucrative field. Who readily likes to talk about their failures. (About My able Colleague Mr Pandit, I am real curious and would  really like to know who conducted the survey for the bore well he drilled in his property and how far the results coincide with the suggestions during the survey- both in terms of quantity of water and the depths at which water was encountered while drilling ) 

We have been working in the basaltic terrain and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years, and have been hearing people compare it with the other hard rock granitic or metamorphic terrain. When we know that they are totally incomparable hydro-geological systems.

This just suggest that the scientific world is as ill equipped as the local divine where it comes to visualizing the subsurface conditions which is very important  to understand if groundwater has to be properly developed and managed as a sustainable resource.

As for VASTU, well a far as I understand Vastu it never suggested that water can be tapped in the NE conner only, it only suggests that the water to be stored before being taken in to the house for consumption should be placed in the NE conner, more over it also indicated that the storage tank should not be covered, to ensure that the water body is subjected to higher amounts of UV rays of the rising sun reaching it and acting as a natural disinfectant.

It is purely the lack of ignorance of the general public at large and also in some way the lethargy of the scientific world who have helped the unscrupulous promotion of this. 

It comes as no surprise to me, because it is common practice to accept it as our destiny when things go wrong when a supposed to be spiritual person is advising us, but on the other hand  if the same were the case with a scientific person he is crucified without been given a second chance.

To cap my comment, It will be a good practice if suggestion and questioners are made either keeping a specific hydro-geological set-up or care should be taken to include all the aspects related to all terrains ( this makes it slightly difficult for the common man who identifies him self with he terrain he is  familiar with).


I would like to further suggest that IWP identifies a core team of experts from diverse fields and starts conducting training programs both for the common man and also for the professionals. Naturally this has to be done with an aim of improving the level of understanding and not diluting it  - as it has been the case with the Indian education system.


Dr. Anil Lalwani

4. mera submersible pump

mera submersible pump borewell me fas gaya hai at about 180 feet kay kare

5. Stuck submersible pump

Please see the following discussions on how to solve the problem of stuck submersible pumps:

India Water Portal Team

6. Should commercial organisations get premission to drill borewell

Of late, too many arguments are going on about borewells. Please let me know who can use borewell water and for what purpose? Do commercial organisations compulsorily required permission, especially in Chennai.

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