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Pump Retrieval - Troubleshooting & Technical Help Required : Dahanu, Mumbai

We have a farmhouse in Dahanu, 100 km from bombay. A borewell was dug in May 2006 to a depth of 200ft. Recently the pump malfunctioned due to electrical issues. While retrieving the pump for repairs it was stuck at 150 ft. During repeated efforts to recover the same the pipe parted at 20ft.  The pump and the pipe (1" dia) is presently stuck inside. The dia of the borewell is 6''. Water level in the borewell is usually at a depth of 80 ft below ground, we had struck water of around 3" during the drilling at depth of 160ft.

Is it advisable to lower another pump of 3'' or 4'' dia inside leaving the older one as it is?

The casing had only been put to 10 ft depth below the ground.

Kindly provide contact information of agencies to be contacted in Mumbai or Thane regions who offer services such as ground water exploration in case a new borewell needs to be dug or help with technical expertise here.

Rohit Fernandes




Dear Rohit,

As the casing pipe installed is just 10 feet and the pipe connecting to the pump got broke just at 20 feet from the ground level, you may construct a trench around the bore well for a depth of 10 to 20 feet to enable retrieval of pump and its parts. This method is best suited when expertise to retrieve the pump using sophisticated tools is not available.

Once pump is successfully retrieved, necessary steps have to be taken for wellhead protection to prevent contaminated surface water or shallow groundwater entering into the bore well.

Good luck.

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao
Retired Professor of Geology
Sri Venkateswara University
Tirupati, AP 517502
(Presently in USA on a visit)

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao, Professor of Geology Retired, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP 517502, India


Dera Mr. Rohit Fernandes

I assume that the pump you have installed is a large diameter pump nearly 5.5 inch in diameter, had you sent in the query before trying to get the pump out with force it would have been of more use.

In case you have GI pipes, one can still think of getting the whole assembly up.

In case the whole assembly is with HDPE pipes then too it is possible to lock the pipes with a special fishing tool and try to get the assembly out.

I dont know of other companies around Thane or Mumbai who can do the job, but Our company located in Pune specializes in retrieval of such pumps, however the proximity of your site being a major factor we dont want to suggest that we do the job.

Apart from Just the travel time and cost, we would not be in a position to help out immediately due to the existing work that we have in hand. There is no saying how long this pump may take to get out- it could come out in one hour or we may have to wait for a couple of hours before it comes out.

If you are ready to wait for some time then probably we could think of coming to site and try to get the pump out. The costs for something like that would be fairly high.

As you have not mentioned the kind of pipes that have been installed if you have, HDPE pipes installed in your borewell, then you can easily install another small diameter pump ( 3.5 inch diameter) along side the pipeline, how ever if you have GI pipes installed then probably it may be difficult to lower the pump more than 100 odd feet.

In case you want to drill another borewell, I would suggest that you drill the second borewell close to the existing borewell, there is no need to waste money in paying someone to locate another location for drilling the new borewell.

All the best

Dr. Anil Lalwani


Dear Rohit,

It is advisable to fish out the pump & assembly before lowering of new pump.


D. Chakraborty
Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)
New Delhi


Dear Sir,

Still it is possible to retrieve the set. Kindly try to get some professional fitter or pump mechanics. If you approach any distributor of pump companies renowned motor pump shop or any good motor rewinder or pump repair shop you may succeed in getting professional fishers. Even the drilling companies will have such facilities.

It is possible to insert low diameter pipe and get the water supply but you may get low yield. The diameter of pump and output delivery is directly related. This has also to be done under a care of professional fitter/ plumber.

3 " is a good yield and please do not loose it. Contact drillers who can drill in well bores and low diameter bore wells. The truck mounted rig owning companied may not have proper tools. I under stand there are many pump fishers available in Pune Bombay regions kindly contact standard pump dealers in your area. They will be knowing these profession pump fishers.

I do not have the addresses.

Contact AFPRO Field unit at Rose Cottage Ahmed Nagar You can get the address in the web

They may help you to conduct any new investigations. Previously they had these kinds of fishing tolls but now I do not know much about.

With best wishes,
A. Raja Mohamed
Coastal Energy Private Limited
Chennai moble: m09443619352


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