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Water Quality Concerns : Suitable Purification Method : Test Results Provided!

I did a recent test of my borewell water which returned the following results:

Total dissolved solids = 2050 mg/ltr

Total hardness = 920 mg/ltr

Chlorides = 380 mg/ltr

Ph = 7.15

From what I have been reading, it looks like this water will cause damage to my pipes, heaters etc. and also may not be very safe for drinking?

Can I get a water softener system installed for general use and have a small RO unit for drinking water purposes? Will this solve my concerns?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

 Sri Sethuram




Dear Sri Sethuram,

Yes! You can solve this problem by installing a water purifier in your house. Now a day’s large number of purifiers are available in the market. These purifiers have capacity to reduce the salt by either RO process or by ion-exchange process.

With regards,

Dr. R.C. Trivedi
Chief Environment Scientist
DHI (India) Water and Environment Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi and Ex-Additional Director & Incharge, Central Pollution Control Board


Dear Sri Sethuram,

I regret the water softener shall not work properly at a TDS of 2050 and total hardness of 920 mg/l. This is a very high ionic concentration and the efficiency of the softener shall drop substantially. However, you may use the softener to bring down the total hardness from 920 to about 150-200 mg/l and that shall ensure reduction of some problems. The TDS and chlorides shall remain same through a softener. For drinking water, you may use a R.O unit.

With best regards,

Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Dear Sri Sethuram,

You need to look at the test results of your bore well water in comparison with the limits specified in BIS-10500.This is the Standard for water to be used for human consumption in India.The TDS and Total hardness exceed the upper limits specified in BIS-10500.

This water rapidly scale your heaters and cause deposits and corrosion in the pipes and all the taps,shower heads etc. Softening will be very uneconomical considering the very high total hardness.Once softened, the water will become much more corrosive.Besides,keeping a softener running can be quite a pain for a householder.
Domestic RO units will not be able to handle TDS levels more than 1000 to 1200 ppm.In fact,once you spend money on installing a softener and an RO,your concerns can become serious concerns.

In the long term,if you do not already do so, you should install a Rain Water Harvesting system as it can improve the quality of your bore well.





Dear Sri Sethuram,

After going through the results RO system is required for the drinking purpose only if the Nitrate content is above the permissible limit as in the results nitrate content is not indicated. Otherwise go for the softener with high capacity. Certainly one should not use this source for any purpose without proper treatment. It is always better to send complete report to take any action.

With regards,

M.V. ShashiRekha
Chief Chemist
Department of Mines and Geology


Dear Sri Sethuram,

BIS specification for hardness for drinking water is 300 mg/L(as calcium carbonate) as acceptable and 600 mg/L as maximum permissible.This is mainly based on taste consideration.

High hardness ,depending on other factors such as pH and alkalinity,may cause scale deposition in pipes and will result in excessive soap consumption and soap formation.On heating hard waters from deposits of calcium carbonate scale.Soft water (<100 mg/L)may on the other hand have a low buffer capacity and can be more corrosive for water pipes.

From the report,hardness is quite high and thus scale formation can be expected .So using a water softener is advisable to prevent this.How ever you can discuss with the manufacturer,so that hardness level does not become too low that it may be lead corrosion problems.

RO may be used for drinking water purposes.


Leela Iyengar


Sri Sethuram,

Please inform the location of your place. Chemically water is unfit for human consumption.

You can have three tier system

a. RO water for drinking. 5 lph RO are available in market
b. Soft water. You can install the automatic softener. to ensure that water is soft all the time. Outlet of softener will have 100 to 150 mg/l of hardness.
c. Well water directly for flushing & utensil washing.

Prof. R. V. Saraf
Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.

21 Radhakrishna, Near SBI
Paud Road, Pune 411 038
Tele/Fax: (020) 25433445
E Mail:

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