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Hydro - fracturing for Low Yield Bore wells - Suitability?: Consultant Required - Chennai

We undertake construction services in Chennai. Recently in one of our projects we had an extremely rocky sub soil with lot of big boulders. When we made borewells we could hit soft soil patches, but the yield has been reduced now from the initial level.

Details of Borewells:

1. Location - Our site is located at Chelli Nagar, near Camp road junction, selaiyur, Chennai - 600073. There is a lake located within 750 meter radius.

2. Diameter  - 6" borewells (2 Nos) both having soft spots at about 70-80 ft depth. 4 1/2" borewells (5 Nos) out of which 3 are dry and 2 having very low yields 

3. Depth -  6" borewells are 300 Ft and 4 1/2" borewells are 200 Ft depth

4. Casing used - Heavy grade PVC casing pipes erected till the rocky sections of sub-soil ( about 20')

5. Time / date of construction.

     6" -Bore No 1 - June 2008

     6" -bore No 2 - May 2009

     4 1/2" bores- June to Nov of 2008

Will Hydro fracturing help? or will blasting help? Is there any consultant in Chennai offering the mentioned services? What will be estimated costs of the same?

Visweshwar .C




Dear Visweshwar .C,

Hydrofracturing is a costly proposition. It would be appropriate to construct a well after geophysical survey.


D. Chakraborty
Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)
New Delhi


Dear Visweshwar,

Sorry to read about the number of failed borewells within the area which is within close proximity of a surface water body.

difficult to accept but all the same a reality.

Between Blasting and Hydrofracturing, I will say that you could try out Hydrofacturing, as the blasting would land up shattering your casing pipe.

As for consultants and agencies who would help you with this-I am really sorry I really am not very conversant with the contractors in that region.

what I found on the net are

VelMurugan Borewell Service madurai (Madurai & Dindigual, Chennai)

Mobile:+91-98421 06720

Hopefully this information is good enough.


Dr. Anil Lalwani


Dear Visweshwar,

I suggest you read the web pages at and
by Vishwanath on "Reviving dry bore-wells" using the hydro-fracturing method.

You may note from the Hindu article that Ganesh of Ayyapas Aqua Solutions at Bangalore manufactures hydro-fracturing equipment and practices hydro- fracturing to revive dry bore wells. To know further details, you may have to contact Vishwanath at

Good luck.

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao
Retired Professor of Geology
Sri Venkateswara University
Tirupati, AP 517502
(Presently on a visit to Canada)

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao, Professor of Geology Retired, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP 517502, India


Dear Mr.Vishveshar,
I went through your details of the bore wells drilled @ Chellinagar, Selaiyur. Well, you can very well go in for hydrofracturing to rejuvenate the failed wells. But before HF it is better to do the feasibility study by bore hole video scanning wherein you can exactly see the fracture systems, the thickness of the fractures & whether the fractures are below the water table.

Only after knowing the feasibility whether to go in for HF or not can be finalised or you can in for bore hole logging to study the fractre density & so on. In Bangalore one Mr.Ganesan, is doing this video scanning study to know the feasibility for HF. I will furnish the address & contact numbers.

Mr. P.Ganesh, Managing Director,
Fractech Equipments { p} Ltd,
2, Parvatha Industrial complex,
Ganganna circle, Jalahalli,
Bangalore -560 013. Ph-28384732, Subramaniam- 9443150582


T.S.Badrinarayanan, Geoscientist,
B Square Geo Tech SErvices, Kollidam-609102,
Ph-04364277567, MOb-9443046102.

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