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Low Cost Water Filters : Information Needed! - Madhya Pradesh

We are working to educate people to harvest rain water for water crisis .We want to know that from where we can get filters for purifying rain water before recharging borewells or wells which are cheap and any one can afford .We had asked one company from Banglore for their product water filters but their cost is about Rs.14000/- which no one can afford .


I have heard that people are use some type of water filters which cost only about 1000/- in Nagpur .Please tell us that from where we can purchase that.

Dr.Sanjay Nigam




Dear Dr.Sanjay Nigam,

Normally Rain water is pure, once it falls on the surface and starts flowing it carries with it the impurities usually in suspension.

The same is the case with the water falling on the roof tops, here the suspended matter is less.

Ideally the rain from the first shower should not be diverted in to the ground to recharge the aquifer directly even if you are using some sort of filter material.

If you are planning to divert just the surface water that is flowing as runoff,
then ideal would be that you first have a small storage tank dug to collect the water that will flow off as the borewell may not be able to accept this amount of recharge.

and you could perforate the casing with about 2 mm dia holes and place a coarse sand bed around it this will act as a natural filter and keep the sediments out.

If You plan to divert the roof water then you can construct your own sand filter by using a 100 liter plastic barrel filling it half with with stone aggregate ( road metal) of size 3- 4 inch, above it place a jute cloth, and place a 6 inch layer of aggregate of 0.5 to 0.75 inch size again cover this layer with jute cloth and over it finally place about 6-10 inches of sand layer.

The jute cloth will prevent the finer material from moving downwards into the space within coarse material.

Please ensure the water enters from the base and the over flow is diverted in to the wells/borewells.

you could have a flushing arrangement installed with a T and valve so as to regularly back wash the system. One could also pour some clean water from top to flush out the fines that my block the filter system.

Try this do-it your self sand filter, it is surely cheaper than what you expec to pay for the ones that you get to buy from the market.

If i have my estimates right this total assembly with material should not cost you more than Rs 500/-

Best of luck

Dr. Anil Lalwani

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