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Sharing Capital Costs of Borewell in Apartment Complex : Advice Sought!

Owners in my apartment complex are asking to chip in for maintenance on a sq. ft. basis. For borewell drilling also (a capital expense), they want to share costs on sq. ft. basis. This would result in the larger households (square feet wise) paying more than the smaller ones. I feel that the capital costs should be shared on a equal share basis as the drilling undertaking will be same irrespective of apartment size.

Do share your thoughts on the matter? Examples of such situations and their remedies will prove helpful!





Dear Hari,

Sharing costs is proper common resource management.

The question of sharing the capital costs based on sq.ft basis and the larger flat owner pay more is really not really right.

It the costs need to be shared in an ideal manner, it should be shared on the head count.

Every one who is staying in the building should pay an equal share.

It usually happens that people living in big houses have a lesser occupancy where as the smaller apartments are packed with people.

As it is assumed that every one requires water on a daily basis, whether he lives in a big or small house each should share the cost equally. atleast for drilling and pump installation

In the next step the operation and maintenance cost should be shared on the percentage of usage. Naturally each apartment should have a water meter to record which apartment uses how much water and the cost should be accordingly adjusted.

In doing so, each individual pays for the drilling and development of common property resource.

And there after the charges are levied according to the benefits derived.


Dr. Anil Lalwani

2. Dear Sir, Normally the cost

Dear Sir, Normally the cost in the water projects is estimated in terms of how much amount per litre, either it is a capital cost or it is a maintenance cost. Some time in small houses will have more number of occupants and bigger houses will have smaller occupants. Hence it is advisable to work out the cost as per litre for investment and per litre for maintenance. Per capita use of water depends on the culture/ climate and life style of the users. Further the capital investments depend on the aquifer pattern and capacity of the ground water resource available for your use. If you employ a good professional consultant and conduct a systematic investigation and assess the available ground water resource in your compound you can minimise the capital investments. Similarly if you are able to select a efficient pumping and piping system and establish rain water harvesting system you can minimize the maintenance cost. If you treat the whole thing as a Explore / produce and maintain as a system of a package then you can bring down the per capita cost to a minimum amount. Hence cost per litre can be chosen as a criterion for your planning or commercialization ventures. With regards, A. Raja Mohamed Geophysicist Coastal Energy Private Limited Chennai - 600006; 09443619352


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