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Water Meters & Intermittent Supply : Remedies? - Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I am a student of CEPT University, Ahmedabad, School of Planning. I have a query regarding  the Urban Water Supply. I wish to know out of my inquisitiveness whether it is possible to meter the water connections in spite of having intermittent supply?

This query has stemmed from my understanding that we need 24 hours water supply if at all we want to efficiently meter the connections to keep a check on the usage. In intermittent supply during the non-flow hours the meter keeps ticking due to air flow within the pipe. Is this an issue to be concerned of? We wanted to propose the metering of water connections in a city which does not have enough resources to upgrade to 24x7 supply.

Kindly suggest how can we keep a check on consumption if we cannot meter them and if we can meter them what is the appropriate technology to do so in an error free manner?

 Abhinav Goyal




Measurement of any water supply is always preferred, be it intermittent or 24x7.

supply duration has nothing to do with measurement. Among the Indian cities, Hyderabad and Bangalore gets intermittent supply but the metering is almost 100% in the urban areas of this city. If it cannot be measured, it cannot be charged. In other cities also metering is introduced in different range. It is not something new.

In case of an intermittent supply when the supply is stopped, generally the pipe remains filled with water. It is hard to conceive any air entering the pipe and allowing the meter to rotate. Moreover most of the meters used these days are magnetic flow meter or differential pressure meter (orifice or venturi type). It is impossible for air to create any effect to register a reading even if it can flow through the pipe. Really imaginative idea.

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