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Water Quality Standards For Heat Exchangers - Vasai

I want to like to obtain information pertaining to the maximum limit of calcium, magnesium, sodium salts in industrial water used for the purpose of cooling heat exchangers. Our plant is based at Vasai, coastal area. Relevant standards may kindly be mentioned. We would like to ascertain if our current processes are matching required quality demands & adjust as needed if modifications are needed.

Pavan Malshe,

Engg Deptt, Raychem RPG Ltd (EOU),

Vasai ( East).




Dear Mr.Malshe,

I am a Water Management Consultant with close to 40 years of experience with a lot of time spent in Industrial Water Treatment.

Is your system a twin circuit system? i.e the primary circuit with the heat exchanger and a secondary circuit comprising a circulatory cooling system to cool the heat exchanger with a cooling tower in the circuit.

If the answer is yes, the primary circuit with the heat exchanger must have demineralised water in it. The secondary circuit with a cooling tower must have at least soft water with a total hardness between 5 to 10 mg/lit as CaCo3 and with a comprehensive chemical treatment programme to prevent corrosion and fouling.

The total dissolved solids in the secondary system is critical as it can have a major effect on the cycles of concentration in the system which is critical.
If you send me a test report of the treated water used in the secondary circuit,I can give you suggestions.





Dear Pavan Malshe,

You should refer to the relevant Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) publication for specification of water quality. You can get more details from link here, which gives of BIS publication for boiler water, cooling water etc. Central Pollution Control Board has classified surface water for various end uses, depending on its characteristics.

BIS Standards

You can get this information from their website.

These may be helpful to you.


Leela Iyengar


Dear Mr. Pawan

The standards of the particular product is defined by the supplier. It is better is you get in touch with the supplier.

Besides the application is not mentioned in your question. If application is known then one can find out scale causing constituents in the feed.

Please call us if you need any further information

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