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Borewell Failure at 45 feet: Alternate Techniques Sought - Rourkela, Orissa

I had undertaken the drilling of a borewell at my house located near the river bank ‘Bramhani’-village in Bonai Sub-Division, 40-50 Kms from Rourkela, Orissa.The operator could not dig after 45 feet as the conditions were of wet soil with small and medium stones. The diameter of the failed borewell is six inches. Surrounding places have functional borewells.

 The operator was suggesting to call for another digging machine having rotary facility (rotary compressor) for drilling.Kindly suggest a suitable solution to this problem.

Rajendra Prasad Sahu




Dear Rajendra Prasad Sahu,

It is of common occurence that the drillers abandon borewells drilled solely by percussion method when they strike wet sand and gravel with large boulders in it.

The reason for this is that the well keeps on collapsing due to the presence f water and rotation of the the hammer getting hampered as the bit gets stuck due to the boulders.

In a rotary drilling rig,the cutting action is due to the circular movement and instead of air, mud slurry is used which stabilizes the walls.

Are you planning to use this well for domestic or agricultural purpose, and if the borewell is still clear down to 45ft - that is with a casing installed in place. You could probably install a monoblock pump with about 40 ft of suction pipeline and test out the borewell in this condition.( you may get some sand in the water being pumped out)

There may have been a lot of water pressure in the gravel portion that is why the borewell could not have been drilled further. If this works then continue to use it that way if not then you need to go ro a rotary rig with mud circulation pump.

Third alternate is just dig a small well there, digging would not be a problem I think.

Best of Luck
Dr Anil Lalwani


Dear Rajendra Prasad Sahu,

Before you start the work, go round the area inquire with your neighbors who had constructed the filter points / shallow tube wells for domestic for irrigation purposes. As a local people they know better than people like us, with respect to reliability of the machine, method and experience of the driller.

You neighbour might have hired a shallow rotary rig or, Calyx rigs. Since you get sand the driller should use either dense clay or Bendonite mud. You please hire the rig who had constructed more number of filter points/ shallow tube wells in your region. If the trouble giving formation is minor pebbles, normally the drillers use clay stickers or if it little bigger then they use diamond cut rock roller bit to negotiate such zone.

This is for your kind information.

With best wishes,

A. Rajamohamed Ambalam
Coastal Energy Private Limited
Chennai - 600006

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