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Dug Well Closure Mandatory for Municipal Water Connection? Rules & Regulations? - Kolkata

A  30 feet deep dug well was constructed to provide water for construction of our residence in Kolkata. We would like to retain the dug well, as a buffer against any future water shortages & also for domestic uses like watering the garden, non potable purposes. We also plan to get the water tested and if it is safe to use  we would like to use it to meet potable water use also.

Are there any regulations passed by KMC that such dug wells should be closed to get the supply pipeline water as mentioned by the plumber? Any rules or regulations affecting the same may please be mentioned.

Meera M Hira Smith




Dear Meera M Hira Smith,

Mr. Alapan Bandopadhyay is the Kolkata Municipal Commissioner, a person who is very progressive. His office can clarify the situation. However, if they are allowed to use the well, it should be properly lined and covered so that contamination is prevented and the wells walls are stable over a long period.

With regards,

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Oak Brook, IL 60522-4981

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