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Raising Water Awareness in Punjab: Data & Suggestions for Campaign invited!

Punjab Dainik Bhaskar Daily requests the following information for a water awareness campaign!

The  Status of Water in Punjab vis a vis the following parameters:

1-     What is the current District wise status of water in Punjab? Which District has the lowest water level?

2-     Current rate of water use per person, and water availability per person, data of Punjab and national level will be desirable.

3-     In future which of the Districts of Punjab will face a serious water crisis?

4-     Reason of water crisis in Punjab?

5-     What efforts can be implemented to combat the crisis?

The common man has to be made aware regarding the issues to contribute to water saving measures. The support of the forum is requested to pass on tips regarding points that can be raised in this campaign. This can include formula to be kept in mind while building new houses, new ideas for rain water harvesting and similar ones. Also in general tips to reduce water usage would be helpful.

Sandeep Upadhyaya

Dainik Bhaskar


Mo- 09915039828



1. A discussion of the forum

A discussion of the forum regarding water use per day may provide useful back ground information, access here:

Also more from the forum regarding Water Conservation measures and measuring tools will help gain more ideas regarding the same & also methods to gauge savings.

Also from the India Water Portal Blog articles regarding a Water saving faucet and Water saving tips for daily use can be accessed here: Water Saver Faucet With Measured Out-Flow Arrangement Water Saver Faucet With Measured Out-Flow Arrangement 53 Easy Tips to Use Less Water 53 Easy Tips to Use Less Water


Dear Sandeep,

It is very heartening to note that a leading Hindi- newspaper is desirous of doing an awareness campaign on water Etc. Our well wishes and it would have a far-reaching impact. Even a few drops saved will mean a lot. Keep up the good work for planning for the water- campaign

In Delhi, at Gurgaon, Dainik Bhaskar took the lead role and this year during the World water day 22nd March, 2009 had brought out a feature detailing all stake-holders in water-sector and explaining water and its importance in day to day lives and latest measures on water-conservation.

Our Ngo also facilitated in collating data on success stories in local water-sector that can be employed.

Concerned Correspondent is Mr. Uma Shanker 098915 39496. He may be contacted to give you the modalities of the collection of data and other logistics.

As regards the scene at Punjab, WB is assisting a Punjab Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project. Partnership support is being sought with the help of Ngos, There is an Office at: State Program Management Cell, Dept. of Water Supply & Sanitation , Water Works Complex, Phase 2 , Sec 54, Mohali 160055. Tel / fax 0172-2272101,2270101, 2270536, web site:


Concerned person Er. SK JAIN, EE-CCDU, Er. NK DHIR, Senior Progrm Specialist,

Our Ngo had been contacted by a local Ngo at Punjab to provide expert advice on IEC, and specific programs on conservation, RWH, Waste-water recycling and to carry out programs with youth support Etc. when we have gathered these info.

You may contact the concerned at Mohali and get more data from all Ngos working in all districts/ villages in Punjab.

Pl do feel free to be in touch for any details.

With wellwishes from VigyanVijay,

Er. Ajit Seshadri
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

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