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Guidelines & Responsibilities: Sewage, Drinking Water Line Laying & Maintenance - Goa

What are the guidelines specified by the PWD while laying sewerage lines and water supply lines to prevent breakage of lines? In case of lapses, is there any provision of penal measures to be taken against those found guilty?

Recently in a city in Goa, a rupture in both the sewage and water supply lines was detected leading to suspected contamination of drinking water.  As a couple of manholes were also found filled with contaminated water, the water probably seeped into the ground water leading to contamination of a nearby well. The rupture is thought to have occurred owing to the digging of the road by a telecom company. The information regarding the rules, regulations and responsibility will enable me as a citizen to take up the matter with the concerned regulatory bodies.

Govind Kamat




Dear Mr.Kamat,

I saw your question the day you put it on the portal.After several days,I notice you have no replies.The rules and regulations about which you want information can best be obtained by your filing an application under the Right To Information act(RTI) to the concerned authority or authorities such as the local municipality or the water supply authority at your location.You should get the information within 30 as per the RTI rules.





Dear Govind Kamat,

The water supply lines are pressure pipe lines and sewerage lines are defined for partial flow by gravity. The water supply pipe lines are laid along the terrain, passing the areas to be served and fulfilling the drinking water needs of families.

Similarly the sewerage lines are laid by following the principle of gravity force and accordingly depths are decided. In case of locations below roads the criteria of sufficient cushion to sustain traffic flow is taken care of. Normally the pipelines in private premises such as houses are laid by the owners, where required encasing is also provided.

Digging permissions are granted for cutting, including road cutting by the local bodies. Permission granting authorities are expected to stipulate that the cutting should be done without hampering other services. The digging agency has to compensate for any damage at there own cost. In order to coordinate the road digging activities by other agencies different committees consisting of officials of concerned departments for granting commission to road digging was operative earlier.

However the concerned authorities like Municipality, Gram Panchayats are granting permission at their level without referring to digging committee.
The ground water aspects are handled by water resource department and water contamination is handled by Goa State Pollution Control Board. Public Works Department is supplying water for drinking and for in house infrastructure, periodically testing of water samples including samples at consumer end.

With regards,

A.M Wachasundar
Principle Chief Engineer
Public Works Department
Government of Goa

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