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Reducing Recurrent Water Treatment Expenses at Home: Alternate Methods Sought: Noida, UP

I stay in Noida, UP. The drinking water supply contains 2,000 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS) against the maximum permissible 500 ppm. The total hardness of the water supplied is 850 ppm against a maximum of 300. The alkalinity in the water is 200 mg to the litre as against 120, and the chlorides level is 700 ppm against the acceptable limit of 250. I have a RO system installed for the kitchen (ie. drinking & cooking)

However recurring cost for RO system is approx. Rs. 3500 (incl AMC, filters,membrane). Additionally Geysers need element replacement almost every year (@approx 1000 per replacement). I am sure the internal pipes are getting corroded. Personal health is also affected due to hard water.

What can be additionally done ? Should I install a Iron filter / Ion exchange unit at the main line ? Any help / method that will reduce the recurrent expenses is sought.





Dear Ashish,

First of all, an iron filter shall not result in any help except reduction of iron, which is in any case low in Noida waters. Iron dissolves due to oxygen and leaves a red or black residue which coats itself on pipes. It is not a solution to any problem of clogging of pipes neither will it soften the water (which is the basic problem).

But, the recurring cost of RO for kitchen is only Rs. 1000.00 per annum (or 3 paper cartridges and 1 main cartridge which has net). You should not pay any more than that. Most of the times, the RO people charge excessively just because you are ignorant. Buy 3 paper cartridges and the main cartridge and you are set for 1 year to 18 months. In addition, you need to clean the thin pipes (or tubes) which carry water and tend to get choked.

Most of the times, the person will come, clean tube; charge for cartridge which has not been replaced anyway OR has replaced but was not needed to be done anyway.

Geyser elements are costly, yes but then there is no other alternative except replacement. The solution is to have Ganga water supply OR to use RO and raw water mixed for hot water for bathing. Unless you drink hard water, personal health may not be affected. Yes, hair may fall earlier due to hard water.

With regards,

Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Dear Mr. Ashish,

Domestic RO system contains, Micron filter, Carbon filter, pump, RO membrane. Pretreatment means Micron filter removes the finest insoluble solids from water and thus protect the RO membrane. Some of the units are provided with auto flushing. You have to only replace the micron filter 2 to 3 times in a year. It cost around Rs. 300 to 400 only. I do not feel that AMC for RO is must.

The water has scale causing tendency. You may install small softener plant to avoid scaling. The plant may cost you around Rs. 20000.00. However you have to regularly carry out regeneration of softener.

Prof. R. V. Saraf
Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.
21 Radhakrishna, Near SBI Maid Road, Pune 38


Dear Ashish,

You have been provided with good pointers from Mr. Taral Kumar to progress with minimizing costs on O&M on h/h RO-System. Keep the efforts sustained.

The ULBs have to become more responsible in doing mega-rain harvesting at NOIDA areas.

There is abundant water available from rain-water, all this is to be either retained at surface-water bodies or rain-water cleaned up and taken for recharge to ground aquifers.
Small plot owners should not be burdened with installing RWH and etc.

ULBs maintain storm/ rain-water flows through drains.
Periodically in their records they state that they are cleaned up and in actual fact it is not done, leading to flooding, water-logging Etc, during rains etc.

It should be suggested to NOIDA-Authority to carry-out RWH, Consider a part- colony drain water, then carry out a plan , process the colony drain and thro’ a recharge bore-wells to aquifer- artificial recharge.

Water-supply pipes are corroded, leaky leading to T&D losses.
All waste-water can be planned to be re-used in your area,

pl be in touch with us.

With wellwishes from Vigyan Vijay,

Er.Ajit Seshadri
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

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