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Large - Scale Sewage Contamination of Well Water:Solutions Sought: Halasoor, Bangalore

I live in Halasoor, Bangalore. Several streets in the area have clogged man-holes as a result of which sewage overflows on the road   Because of the clogged manholes, sewage pipes, well water in most of this area is contaminated with sewage. The water smells really bad and is of a muddy, dark color. This is not suitable even for washing or cleaning. 

One of the reasons could be over growth of the population in the area.  All most all the houses are 3 to 4 storeys, creating a huge density of population and the pipes that were laid are too old to handle this huge capacity. Other reason is the water table in this area is just 6 feet below ground level. Due to this contamination of water in the wells, all the houses are going in for sumps for collecting corporation water from Bangalore Water Board in spite of the fact that well water is just 6 feet below your feet. 

Please suggest a way to correct this huge problem.





It is one of the most common reasons for wells becoming contaminated and rendered useless.We have been surveying open wells in Bangalore and contamination by leaking sewage /blocked manholes was the number one reason why people have closed their open wells or do not use its waters.

The reason has rightly been identified by you but the broader issue is also this
- the BWSSB is not responsible for groundwater and therefore does not bother much about well water contamination. There is no organistion accountable to maintain the quantity and quality of groundwater in Bangalore

- we in Bangalore are simply unwilling to pay the true cost of water which includes the collection of waste water and its treatment before release into nature

- the BWSSB is not interested as much in replacing old sewage pipes as it is in laying new water pipes

- people build illegally and connect to sewage lines incapable of handling the heavy load

- all manner of things are dumped into sewage lines by users which choke it regularly

Your only hope is to:

- take the issue up with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
- take up the issue (under RTI if necessary) with the BWSSB as to whether they have any scheme to replace /clean up the sewage lines in Halsoor and specifically the area with the problem

best of luck in your endeavor and you have pointed out a vital issue.




Dear All,

During the Master Plan Study, we have noticed that the ground water table has increased in the old areas of Bangalore city and the main reason is because of huge physical losses in the distribution system. The assets in the old area are pretty old and also damaged pipeline.

Similarly the sewerage system is also almost 60 – 70 years old in these areas because of frequent digging of roads by different utilities, the sewers joints are also displaced even some cases pipes are also damaged. The sewage thus finds a place directly in to either to nearby bore well / open well or to a valley down stream. The storm water drains also carry huge quantity of sewage during peak hours.

Definitely, this will also lead to tube wells / open wells. The two reports of water quality produced by mines and geology clearly indicates more than 51% of ground water is not fit for drinking (1995 and 2004 reports).

However, as a remedial measure, please approach the Engineer in-charges of your service area for total rehabilitation / replace of sewers adjoining to your street. This may help to large extent of turbidity, odour free water. They may be ask to take up two fold redressal action.

One as short term measure which is immediate and other long term measures. In short term measure they can take up cleaning of the manholes and sewers around the locality, which will have immediate results.

Long term measures could be to diagnose the reasons and to take u[ replacement / rehabilitation measures of the sewerage system.

You are requested to contact Mr G. Prabhakar, Asst. Executive Engineer incharge of Ulsoor Sub Division, whose Telephone No is as under for redress

Mobile NO. 98454 44050

Office No. 080-22945163


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