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Conductivity Anomalies in DM Plant:Tarapur, Maharashtra

I am Working as a Plant Incharge in Tarapur Atomic Power Station as a Plant In-charge of DM Plant for the Past 10 Months. Here we are getting SBA O/L Conductivity is less and MB O/L Conductivity is high.What are the Causes for this?

Details  : 30m3/hr Auto DM Plant consists of Contact Tank,SAC,Degasser, SBA and MB

Fresh Water I/L Conductivity - 180 microsiemens / Cm

SAC O/L Conductivity          -   140-150 microsiemens


What could be the reason for this phenomenon?

C.Sankar anand




Dear C. Sankar Anand,

The O/L conductivity of the final MB (Mixed Bed) should not be more than that of SBA (Strong Basic Anion). If it occurs, there are two possibilities (a) the regenerant for MB is not fully drained out of MB before recommissioning and / or (b) the middle collector in the MB is not in order. If the problem is recent, then most probably the middle collector needs to be checked up, but this involves taking the plant out of operation. Can I have the actual conductivity values before I can suggest something more specific?

Thanks & Regards

Dr. S. Sundaramoorthy
Technical Advisor (ex-Engineering Director of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board)
Creative Environmental Consultants
Chennai, Madras


Dear C. Sankar Anand,

I regret the information you has sent is not enough for me to diagnose your problem, I need to the following information:
1. What is the O/L conductivity at the SBA and MB currently?
2. What is the complete mineral analysis of the fresh water at the inlet of the DM plant?
3. What kind of conductivity instruments are there on the SBA and MB and how recently were these calibrated?
4. What is the quantity of acid and alkali used for regeneration of SAC, SBA and MB? Please give type of acid and concentration as well as for Alkali.

I will be able to analyse your problem and give you solutions.


Ion Exchange


hi i read the query,

Problem may be due to given below possibilities:

1> check outlet valve (if it is connected with other valve ,for example valve for backwash flow,then check it.)

2> sensor of MB may be fouled.

3> rinse after regeneration is not carried out in proper way.

4. I know how to recharge the plant

I know how to recharge the plant. Can I recharge the  D M plant?

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