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Salt For Water Softener: Type? Availability in Greater Noida.

I would like to know from where can we get clean salt ,free from dirt and other particles but without any added ingredients such as iodine etc use in a water softener?

They have instructed to use nugget or pellet water softener salt and has specifically instructed not to use rock salt. Kindly advice on what type of salt should be procured and its availability in the Greater Noida area.

Deepti Abraham




Dear Deepti Abraham,

I assume that you have installed a household water softener. Rock salts have filler and dirt which tends to choke the internal strainers of the softener. The resin used by the softener manufacturer is the same as the industrial one so rock salt shall suffice. However, you may dissolve rock salt and filter it before using the same to avoid choking of the strainers of the softener.


Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Dear Deepti Abraham,

Most commercial and industrial users of salt buy 'rock' salt of “Vacuum Grade” for use with their softeners, as this is relatively free from dirt. Salt which is iodized definitely should NOT be used as iodine will damage the softening resin in the softener.

One possible source is to ask the company which supplied the softener to supply pelletized salt. Another option is to look at the Yellow Pages for companies which supply components for the manufacture of water treatment plants as well as consumables. Some of the companies are Aventura, Aquanomics, Pentair Water and Fivebros. These are well known and should be able to supply salt or help in getting salt.

With regards

Ion Exchange

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