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Queries on an Automatic Water Pumping System: Kolkata

I live in Kolkata. We have a underground water storage tank with 4000 ltrs. capacity & also a rooftop storage tank . Basically i want to know how can start the water pump automatically when rooftop tank becomes empty. I also want to know if it is possible to ensure that if the underground tank is empty the pump will not start? Can i make this arrangement in this case?

 Subrata Panja




Dear Subrata,

There are very simple versions which local electrician can do at a minimal cost of a few hundred Rupees, just the cost of electric wires, this type of control mechanism is very crude, and very risky, but many use it despite the risks.

There are many others, having float control switches manufactured by companies of national repute. these are recommended to be used. These switches are available at lead pump suppliers. Use them to avoid unnecessary wastage and overflows of water. Remember to adopt the water-mantra of 4Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recharge to optimise water-resources. And carryout Rain-harvesting and tackle leaks wherever and whenever it is possible.

with well wishes fron Vigyan Vijay,

Ajit Seshadri

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation


Yes, these types of automatic devices based on sensors controlling the pump opertions are available in the market.

You can contact reputed dealers who are selling pumps for identifying a suitable type of device. These devices operate both on waterlevel at the sump as well as on the water level at the tank.


Daer Subrata Panja,

For your requirement of level controllers, you could get in touch with the company concerned, they manufacture and probably also install what you would need to install to control your water pump

Contact Person: Mr. Suvendu Ghosh
Designation : CEO
Phone : 91-33-25952073/25650594/64506317
Mobile +919804322740
Fax 91-33-25952073

And probably there are many such companies in Kolkata who manufacture such controls.


Dr. Anil Lalwani
Well & Water Works


Dear Mr. Subrata,

Level control switches are well established in India. Almost all the buildings in Pune the pumps run with Level control switches. You may get in touch with any local supplier.

Prof. R. V. Saraf
Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.
21, Radhakrishna, Near SBI Paud Road Pune 38. India

TEL: 020-25433445 FAX: 020-25433445
Mobile:+91 9822186763
Website :

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