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Latex, Styrofoam Containers for water storage: Possibilities?

Is it possible to store potable water in latex bag & styrofoam (EPS) box. It is part of a proposal for development of very low cost potable water storage system, i was already working on water harvesting & for this challenge i am exploring the innovative system/material  to reduce the cost.

Water occupies the shape of the container & latex has ability to expand and contract , it is hydrophobic & biodegradable all this qualities could be used for development of the system. EPS foam could be molded in any shape and size & also very cheap. If it is burned fully instead of releasing to environment it does not release toxic gases. Could you guide me in this regard?





Dear Sameer,

1. Latex Bags: As someone from the water management industry I know that latex is used after it is made into rubber for lining tanks of mild steel in which water as well as chemical solutions are stored.

Latex is the raw sap collected from rubber trees and as such will not suit. It needs to processed/cured for it to be suitable for storing water, and once it is processed, it becomes rubber. Even a rubber bag will need to be put into a drum or something to help it to hold the water that is filled into it.

2. Styrofoam: It is used for moulding disposable tumblers/containers to hold beverages and wet food, so this is also suitable. Again you would have to find someone who would mould containers to store water and also tell him about what are the limitations of this material for the purpose of storing water.

I hope this is useful.


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Dear Sameer,

The idea is sound. However, you need to have a polymer base with material such that the bio-degradable item remains food grade and not just in its original form. In its original form, it is likely to leave a taste and odour in the water after a while.

Why we use it in day to day consumption is because the time factor between water storage and use is very limited. But when you use the same over a continued period, these problems are likely to occur.

With best regards,

Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Dear Mr. Sameer,

I congratulate for working on novel idea. It can work provided you confirm the following by experimentation.
a. Material does not leach out to the water.
b. It is totally inert with water.
c. It does not get biodegraded when filled with water by fungal or bacterial attack
d. The material is resistant to weathering.

Please call if you need any further information.

Prof. R. V Saraf, FIE, FIWWA
Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.
21, Radhakrishna, Near SBI Paud Road Pune 38. India

TEL: 020-25433445 FAX: 020-25433445
Mobile:+91 9822186763
Website :


Hi Sameer

This is Pankaj Negi, from supreme petrochem ltd .We are the largest manufacturer of polystyrene in India ,exporting more than 94 countries across the globe. I was just going through Your of Styrofoam containers, believe me it is such an innovative idea.Styrofoam is a material which is know as XPS(extruded polystyrene foam) and Styrofoam is a brand name of a company.

Since this product was being imported from out side of India because no manufacturing facility was available in India.Now Supreme petrochem has started manufacturing this XPS in India itself , It is India's first and largest plat of XPS. Our brand name is INSUboard. We are mumbai based company

This material is a completely closed cell material, So there is no chances of water absorption and water diffusion.
It is non toxic ,non itchy,non irritant and no identified health and safety issues in working with XPS.

Immune to attack from pest,rodents,bacteria and microorganisms.Xps is not a nutritional source for insects and animal hence allowing integrity of the insulation system for very long period.

Please feel free to contact me my no is 09869967276

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