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Govt Scheme, Subsidy for dug wells & bore wells?: Karnataka

My native place is Bhalki Village,Bidar District ( KS). We have 4  acres of fertile land and grow paddy, Zawahar whenever water is available in the lake. Nearly Rs.5000 per acre is spent for water as no natural source of sufficient water is available. We cannot afford to spend this much as the income from land is not lucrative. Kindly provide me information regarding any Government schemes towards Digging of Well or else Borewell which will help in my situation. Also is there any subsidy for such projects?


Sangmesh Gobre




Dear Sangmesh Gobre,

Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP) central grant of 90 per cent is provided to the major/medium and minor irrigation projects.

The mode, eligibility etc differ from state to state. The grant is sanctioned by the Central Government and sent to respective state.
The same fund is also provided for the recharging of rain water through open wells.

All the farmers dwelling under drought prone district is eligible to apply for the scheme. Maximum of about 15000 grants is permissible under the scheme for only digging open wells.

I am not aware of any subsidy scheme for bore well.

However 50% subsidy is given for drip and sprinkler irrigation schemes. For the lands that are registered under women, is given with 75% subsidy is available, in the same water management with drip or sprinkler.

For digging wells and for sprinkler also he has to approach the Block Development Officer and banks.

If you are growing sugarcane then the respective sugar companies may take up the application.

This is a very much localised query I request you to consult any of the government department like minor irrigation or any other social development organisation and provided some more data.

With regards,

A.Rajamohamed Ambalam
Coastal Energen Pvt. Ltd


Dear Sangmesh Gobre,

It would be best for you to approach the Karnataka Govt’s Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Department (RDPR) for a subsidy. The approach could be made through his gram panchayat who in turn would have to approach the Zilla panchayat which appears to be coordinating with the RDPR.

I am open to correction, but I feel that paddy cultivation which is water intensive may not get any subsidy for drilling wells since free power is available for pumping from existing wells. This has also come under criticism from international funding agencies since excessive pumping due to availability of free power has resulted in the drastic depletion of ground water.

I have read about a Horticulture mission sponsored by the Karnataka Horticulture Department which has been sanctioned an amount of Rs.77.65 crore to help 25000 farmers install drip and sprinkler irrigation systems in an area of 25000 hectares.Under this mission the Department will meet 75% of the cost of installing drip and or sprinkler irrigation in 25 of the 27 districts in the state and 100% of the cost in Bidar and Kolar districts.

My understanding is that the Horticulture Departmnet is concerned only with cultivation of vegetables and not crops like paddy. You can approach the various departments through the Gram Panchayat or maybe even directly.


Ion Exchange


Dear Sangmesh Gobre,

In Andhra Pradesh small and marginal farmers belonging to both weaker and other sections used to be helped during 1970s and 1980s through A.P.State Irrigation Development Corporation and Inwell Corporation, in digging borewells, energising them and maintaining them.

Unfortunately, due to declining of water table levels in many hard rock zones (similar to Bidar) these ground water schemes have been sidelined citing losses to the government. However, under various district development programs in many segments of the state such help is still continued, especially in supporting S.C, S.T and backward communities.

I am not aware of such a support extended by Karnataka govt, even though I am of the belief such schemes might be in vogue as any govt would be interested in ameliorating the problems faced by small and marginal farmers. You may contact to the local minor irrigation office, District branch of State Ground Water Department to get needed information.


Dr. P Ramachandra Reddy
Scientist G (Retd), P.I. USERS Project (DST) & Emeritus Scientist
National Geophysical Research Institute


Dear Sangmesh Gobre,

Yes there are schemes where in at the subsidy rates the work will be taken. Kindly approach Zilla Panchayath Office or Office of the Senior Geologist, Bidar for further information. For farmers where in the monthly income is less even subsidy will be given.

Kindly approach them and utilise their services. You can approach CEO or Executive Engineer in this regard. Best is to approach Senior Geologist Office where in complete information and guidance will be given.


M.V. ShashiRekha
Chief Chemist
Department of Mines and Geology


Dear Sangmesh Gobre,

As far as I know, there is is a scheme in Karnataka which provides subsidy for open well / bore wells along with electrification for backward caste people, called Ganga Kalyana Yojane (department of backward class and minorities).

Elgiblity criterias are as follows:

• Small farmers having two to three acres of dry land.
• Belongs to category -I or IA.
• Annual income should be below Rs. 22,000.00/annum.


• Government will spend upto Rs. 10, 0000.00 to drill the borewell, installation of pumpset and electrification of the borewell.

Beneficiary selection criteria.:

• Concerned member of legislative assembly (MLAs) will recommend the beneficiary name to the backward class development department.

I hope I have answered your query.


Hemalatha Patil
Programme Officer
Wateraid India
Bangalore, Karnataka

6. Need information on subsidies for minor irrigation in Karnataka

I have 4 acres of land in Belgaum district of Karnataka. We want to lay pipeline from the river but we are not able to spend a lot of money. We are small farmers in group 3A, please let me know about any govt subsidies that we can avail.

Thank you.

Subash Mirje
Phone 9342545137

7. Need info on Govt scheme for old well repair and electricity

My native place is Hadolti Village, Taluk-Ahmedpur, Latur District (Maharashtra). We don't have any facility for watering our land. We have a old well but there is no pump set & electricity connection. We cannot afford to spend this much as the income from land.

Kindly provide me information regarding any government schemes towards repairing my old well, pumpset & electricity connection or else borewell which will help in my situation. Also is there any subsidy for such projects?

Chandrashekhar Pawar

8. Need suggestions regarding projects helping the poor

Hi all,

My friends and I have started a trust and want to do some service for this country, especially for the poor people.
I want to know what, how and from where we can get help regarding this. Want to know about some small project which we can handle with the support of government.


9. Is there any government subsidy for borewell drilling?

Is there any government subsidy for borewell drilling? If so, please share details.

10. Unclean well water - Need info on govt. schemes on well digging

I am living at Kulai Grama of Mangalore Taluk in Karnataka State. I am living with my only daughter. I work on daily wages. I have an old well but I cannot get clean water. Since, last year the water was good and we were drinking it. But, now I am facing lot of problem because the water in my well is contaminated. There was an unused well nearby to my house which was filled last year by some builders for the purpose of construction. I have cleaned my well many a time by spending huge amount but all in vain. The water will be clean for only a day or so after that the colour (yellow or black) of the water changes and starts stinking.

As I work on daily wages basis I am not affordable to dig a well nor spend on this well. Kindly provide me information regarding any government schemes towards re-builidng my old well, which will help in my situation.

Lalitha Kunder
Near Master Ice Plant, Kulai post
Mangalore - 575 019

11. Subsidy for dug wells & bore wells in Karnataka

Dear Lalitha Kunder,

Please go through the responses in following link, you might find them useful:
Govt Scheme, Subsidy for dug wells & bore wells: Karnataka -

12. Is there govt. subsidy to drill borewell for irrigation, Belgaum

I want to drill a borewell and install a pumpset for irrigation purpose in 2 acres of land in Belgaum district, Karnataka. Would like to know if there are any government subsidies available.

Santosh Kumbhar

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