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Electrical Resistivity Survey, Satellite Imaging: Contacts for Borewell Placement, Dindugal, Tamilnadu

I have made an open well (depth 51 ft) in 2004 in my 15 acre plot in Thoppampatti Block, Palani Taluk, Dindugal District. Tamilnadu. As the water was not sufficient for farming the entire land (Coconut - Drip Irrigation in 7 Acres - all 2 Year Old). I made a borewell of 740 ft depth. Quantity of water I got in 220 ft never increased after that and we stopped the further drilling as it was going in full rock. While testing the water quantity it feeds only 8 lt/mintute.   This point was identified by a local water diviner using conventional / traditional method.

I would like to assess the groundwater presence by using electrical resistivity survey and satellite imaging for sinking a good borewell. Could you kindly provide the contact information of relevant local agencies / entities ?





Dear Subramanian,

If ground water exploration is carried out with detail hydrogeological study and geophysical survey then ground water sources can be easily be identified. You may contact the agencies like Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), State Ground Water Departments and Hydrogeologists and Action for Food Production (AFPRO) working in the area.

In Hyderabad, AFPRO conducts such kind of technical studies. You may contact them for help at the following address:

Mr K Sivaprasad
Unit Manager
AFPRO Field Unit VI, Hyderabad
Nandanvan Colony
Street No.4
Hyderabad-500 007 Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 91-40-27150413/27170421
Fax: 91-40- 27176021


Anita Bhatt
WES-Net India


Dear Subramanian,

I could know from the webpage at sometime ago that the Chief Engineer, Water Resources Department, State Ground & Surface Water Resources Data Centre, Taramani, Chennai - 600113 has a programme of providing paid service to select suitable sites for well construction, issue clearance for construction of new wells, conduct chemical analysis to determine suitability for drinking and irrigation and take up electrical logging in existing wells to determine yield and water quality.

However, I am now unable to access that webpage.

I could now access the webpage at that the same Chief Engineer conducts watershed studies, monitors water levels, collects rainfall data, studies dark and grey area blocks, salt water-fresh water interface, drilling of exploratory bore wells, ground water awareness programmes, water quality analysis, electrical logging service and certification for ground water extraction.

You may probably get some useful information from that office on the groundwater availability in your area and take up paid service to survey your land for locating a better well site. If not, the office may be able to at least provide you the address of a local hydrogeologist who can take up such a service.

Good luck

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao
Retired Professor of Geology
Sri Venkateswara University
Tirupati, AP 517502

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao, Professor of Geology Retired, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP 517502, India


Dear Sir Shri Subramanian,

I am very happy to interact with you regarding the prevailing Ground Water condition of the Thoppampatti Block.

1. The Ground Water status classification of Thoppampatti Block is Over Exploited, i.e Extraction of Ground Water is more than 100%.

2. The Ground Water Department will not extent any type of consultancy services
a. Identifying favorable well locations by conducting Resistivity Survey
b. Issuing of Ground Water Clearance for drawal of water and other allied
services which enable to extract more Ground Water ) in the Blocks classified as Critical (Ground Water extraction falls between 85 % and 100 % ) and over exploited.

3. Regarding Dindugal District, all the Blocks classified comes under Critical and over exploited Blocks.

4. A Water Shed study Pilot Project ( Study Period 5 years - 2006 - 07 to
2011 - 12 )is under way in Dindugal District by State Ground Water Department for a reclassification of the Ground Water Status taking into consideration of all Hydrogeological parameters with modified cropping paterrn and modern irrigation techniques with site and soil specific factors.

5. Please be prudent in your thinking and pragmatic in your approach. The area under reference is totally a dry batch (you have not mentioned the Village ). I am not discouraging you. Please try to Identify shallow springs within 250 feet from ground level. More than 95 % of bore wells drilled in that area, below 300 feet are almost dry. Sustenance of pumping is due to the upper springs in the bore wells. A random success should not be considered as a favorable sign.

6. Please try other techniques , like changing the soil characteristics, adopting Rain Water Harvesting in a selected model plot, mulching the coconut area, avoid ploughing, by doing so you can maintain and retain the soil moisture for an extended period and the irrigation periodicity can be altered with the available quantity of water. In a hurry dont pour money into dry bore wells, to harvest rock dusts.

Ramachandran P.
Assistant Director (Geophysics ) Retd.
Ground Water PWD



Thank you for your response. The Revenue Village Name is Pushpathur and My land is located near Vayalur Village (20 Kms West of Palani Town towards Udumalpet) and Amaravathi River is flowing 2 KM from the land.

Can I avail professional team to study the water level and Points ?

I take note of your advise regarding the dry wells.



Dear Mr. Subramaniam,

The Thoppampatti block in Palani taluk is a gneissic terrain with moderate weathering. If a systematic & detailed hydrogeological, hydrogeoelectrical investigations are carried out ie- resistivity profiling & VES to be conducted by experienced hydrogeologists it is possible to locate a successful bore well point.

Well, i have recommended a bore well point in Podhupatti of the same block where a bore was driled up to 400' with yield of 470 LPM [5'']. Hence it is possible to select feasible point. In this regard i will do the needful. You can very well contact me.

Best wishes for your success.

T.S.Badrinarayanan, Geoscientist, B2 Geo Tech Services,
97-Agraharam street, Kollidam-609102, Sirkali tk, Nagai dist,
Ph-04364 277567, cell-9443046102,

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