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Calculating HP / Capacity of pump for borewell: Denkanikota, Tamilnadu

Can you guide me how to select capacity of Submersible Pump for my borewell. How does one calculate required HP of submersible pump required for a particular application, what all factors should be taken in to consideration? My borewell is 600 feet in depth, with 40 feet casing done. It is 6" dia borewell. Location near Denkanikota (Hosur/tamilnadu)

Ponnu Subramanian



101. Guidance on choosing pump and motor


We have a borewell which is 25ft deep. I need to buy a pump and motor to water my agriculture land via Drip and Sprinkler system. The pump has to drive water over 2000 ft to drive a sprinkler system. I would like to know the specifications of the pump and motor that I need to buy. 

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