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Calculating HP / Capacity of pump for borewell: Denkanikota, Tamilnadu

Can you guide me how to select capacity of Submersible Pump for my borewell. How does one calculate required HP of submersible pump required for a particular application, what all factors should be taken in to consideration? My borewell is 600 feet in depth, with 40 feet casing done. It is 6" dia borewell. Location near Denkanikota (Hosur/tamilnadu)

Ponnu Subramanian



51. Selection of motor & pump capacity for 600 ft borewell

Dear Sir,

We have a 600ft borewell in our land for agricultural usage. We have a 12 HP motor & 10 stage pump at 460 ft depth. Initially water was coming sufficiently up to 10 minutes continuously; after that very low quantity of water is coming. Now the water level has gone down, now it is 460ft below & water availability aslo low. Which company motor & pump should we purchase?

Please suggest suitable motor & pumps.


52. Bore well in Leh - Should I replace my pump?

I dug a bore well, 110 feet deep with 5 inches dia and installed a 1.5 hp Crompton Graves submersible pump above 90 feet. The water discharge with a 1.5" dia pipe up to surface level is 1.76 liter/second.

Please suggest if it is OK, or should I replace the submersible pump or extend the hp of the pump or dia of the pipe?

53. Pump selection for borewell - Please suggest

I have a borewell of 700 feet with water at 550 feet. Now, which motor is to be used - 1phase or 3 phase? What should be the hp? Please suggest.

54. Which pump should I go in for my borewell? 1phase or 3 phase?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a borewell of 980 feet with water at 650 feet. Now, which motor is to be used - 1phase or 3 phase? What hp should be used? Please suggest.


55. Please suggest a submersible pump for farm use

I have a 4" borewell of 220 ft depth and the water is from 60 feet (yield of 1.5 inch). I need you to suggest a submersible pump for my farm. Can I run a submersible pump for approx 12 hours straight?

56. Solar powered deep well submersible pump

Dear Mr Rajesh,

We are a company called SVI BRUSH GEARS based in Bangalore involved in manufacturing & marketing and after sales of solar powered deep well submersible pump from 0.37 Kw up to 2.2KW.
Please check out the technical brochure of the solar deep well submersible pumps. These are very low maintenance brushless DC pumps with a very high efficiency compared to AC pumps along with Maximum power point tracking to harness max output power of the solar panels.

We have a open well demo site at a rural school near Hoskote volvo factory. Let me know and we can send you a proposal in case you are interested.
You can mail your details to or alternatively call 09986187338 to discuss the details.
We would be more than happy to help to make mother earth more sustainable

Kind regards,

57. How many solar panels are needed to pump water frm 600 ft bore?

Dear Sir/Madam

I have a 6" bore that is 600 feet deep with water at fifty feet. I need 4 inch delivery of water with pressure. What type/size of submersible pump and how many panels of solar energy are required?


58. Solar powered deep well submersible pump

Dear Mr Mubashir,

We are a company called SVI BRUSH GEARS based in Bangalore involved in manufacturing & marketing and after sales of solar powered deep well submersible pump from 0.37 Kw up to 2.2KW.

Please check out the technical brochure of the solar deep well submersible pumps. These are very low maintenance brushless DC pumps with a very high efficiency compared to AC pumps along with Maximum power point tracking to harness max output power of the solar panels.

We have a open well demo site at a rural school near Hoskote volvo factory. Let me know and we can send you a proposal in case you are interested.
You can mail your details to or alternatively call 09986187338 to discuss the details.
We would be more than happy to help to make mother earth more sustainable

Kind regards,

#853 C;10th main;4th Cross;
Indiranagar 2nd Stage;Bangalore 560 038
Phone:+91(80) 9986187338
Save a tree. Don't print this e-mail unless it's really necessary

59. Selection of correct size of pumpset for borewell

There are several queries regarding the correct size of submersible pumpset to be installed in the borewells drilled in their locations.There are also complaints regarding the low yield of borewells, collapse of borewell at certain depth due to striking of unconsolidated material like sand, silt and clay etc. To clarify the doubts, the details regarding location of the site and borewell discharge, static water level and draw-down etc are to be provided.

1. Indicate the name of village, taluk, district and state so that geoscientists can get the idea about geology of the area, surface water bodies, physiography etc. from the existing reports.

2. To suggest the correct size of pumpset, details like, depth of well, depth of water bearing zones details of hard rock struck, discharge of well, static water level,drawdown etc so as to estimate the total head of the well. Once correct details regarding Discharge (LPS) and Total Head (M) are available it is possible to suggest correct size of pumpset.

Otherwise with these details (discharge and total head) the well owner can approach the pump dealer. The pump dealer invariably keep the pump curves or tabular data (in statement form) for various types of pumpsets for selection of correct size pumpset depending on discharge and Head. But at the field level, it is not always possible to measure the static water level, or draw down data of well after pumping of water for reasonable amount of time. The only information available with the well owner is- the discharge of well as one inch or two inches water which is very approximate, informed by the driller after completion of borewell.

Based on depth of borewell and discharge in inches, the local dealers supply the submersible pumpset (not standard or efficient without BIS mark.). The HP of the pumpset or depth of installation of pumpset may not be as per well characteristics hence create problems while pumping is under progress. If the capacity of the pumpset is more and pumpsetting is in low depth, after few minutes of pumping the water level may go below the pumpsetting. If the pumpsetting is quite deep the discharge may be very low.

Hence correct details regarding discharge and total head are necessary to select the correct size (HP) of pumpset and pumpsetting in the borewell. Then how to get the details of discharge and total head before actually installing pumpset in a borewell.

1. The organizations involved in groundwater survey and construction of borewells-after completion of well, conduct the yield test or step draw-down test to arrive at correct discharge, total head and specific capacity etc. Taking the values of discharge and total head, the HP of pumpset will be selected. The pumpset should be selected which is efficient and consumes less power.

2. It is advisable to provide discharge and total head of wells existing in the mandal area periodically by groundwater departments just like the Meteorological departments provide rainfall data to local authorities,so that common public can utlise the data for selection of pumpsets.

3. In the absence of above, the discharge and total head data of neighbouring wells having same depth and rock formations may be utilized for the selection of pumpset.We should insist the pump dealer to suggest the pumpset based on discharge and total head and pump should have BIS standard.Well reputed brands may be purchased having BIS standard.

4. There is a necessity of establishing pumping test units and consultancy services in every district so as to provide correct suggestions regarding the drilling of borewells,selection of pumpsets etc.

So far It is observed that only AFRO organization is rendering such services.

60. Need suggestions on motor capacity

Dear Sirs,

I have 4 machines installed in our factory. Each of the machines need 6500 litres per hour. That's a total of 26,000 litres needed per hour by single pump supply. Pipe line is already fixed. The dia is 65mm, head 20 meters, horizontal length 200 feet. I need submersible motor capacity for this.

61. What hp pump is needed to deliver water across 300m?

A pump-set of what HP will be needed to deliver water for over 300 meter distance from a stream?

62. What hp and number of stages the submersible pump is needed?

A borewell was dug in our apartment. The water was struck at a depth of 615 ft and digging was stopped at 715 ft as water pressure was high to continue drilling. The borewell digger estimated 2.5 - 3.0" flow of water.

As yield is good, what is the hp and number of stages the submersible pump would require to pump water to ground level pump? The total length of piping will be 680 ft.

63. Need advice for drilling bore well in Bangalore

I have 10 acres of land where sugarcane & wheat are the main products. For irrigation purposes, I require to drill a borewell and install a submersible pump. As far as my knowledge, the water level is approximately 145 feet from the surface. The soil type here is clayey. The bore to be drilled will be about 250 feet in depth.

Kindly advice me on the following:
1. What size of bore well is required to be drilled?
2. Which capacity of PVC pipes are to be lowered?
3. What is the capacity (hp) and size of submersible pump required so that we can pump the water to its full capacity without any wastage of electricity.

Chander Pratap Singh
Mechanical engineer Firepro systems Pvt. ltd, Bangalore

64. Need suggestions with pump selection for borewell

We have dug a bore well of 6.5 inches recently in our farm. We got water at around 130 feet depth. The bore was drilled up to 260 ft. The drill operator says, a discharge of 2.5 inches is possible.

Please help in selection of pump and also need suggestions with the type and capacity of the submersible pump I should choose.

Mohiddin Baig,
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

65. Need advice in buying new pumpset


I am small pump for house hold purpose with 0.25 hp power. What do I need to do to increase the water sucking power of the pump? Do I need to buy another motor of 1hp power or do I need to buy a pressure pump?

Please guide me.

66. Need advice for selection of pump

I want to purchase a pump to take water from 400 ft.

Please advice me in selection of pump, which kind do you advice - submersible or centrifugal?

Thank you.

67. Need suggestion for submersible

I have a 6.5 inch borewell of 410 ft depth and the yield is more than 5 inch. My daily water consumption is 7000 litres and the water needs to be pumped to 5th floor building. Could you suggest the type of submersible pump I should choose and what is the necessary HP and the number of  stages. What company should I go for?

68. Detailed explanation on pump selection


Here's a detailed explanation on pump selection from one of our experts -

Seetha Gopalakrishnan
India Water Portal Team

69. Need help to calculate hp of submersible pump

My borewell is 700 feet in depth. Can you guide me how to select capacity of submersible pump for my borewell.

How does one calculate required HP of submersible pump required for a particular application?

What are the factors that should be taken into consideration?

70. How can we find out discharge of 10 hp pump at 130 ft

Dear Sir,

1) I want to know how much time it will take to fill the capacity of 8kl at a height (raising head) of 150 ft by a 10 hp lift pump.
2) How can we calculate the pump h.p for raising head of 120 ft?
3) What is the procedure to find the discharge of a pump of 10 h.p at height 130 ft?

I shall be very thankful.

71. Useful links


Please go through the responses in the following links, you might find them useful.

Pump Discharge Calculation: One House or Two, Some queries! -

Determining HP of Pump for Lifting Water -

Calculating HP / Capacity of pump for borewell -

Seetha Gopalakrishnan
India Water Portal Team

72. How to select pump for a water tank with 500 litre capacity?

Our water tank capacity is 500 litres, water supply is 0.476 L/M. How to select pump for this capacity?

73. Please suggest a good Horsepower (hp) motor pump

Please suggest a good Horsepower (hp) motor pump for a borewell of about 100 ft with casing done only for 4o ft.

What is the size of pump I should use, when its delivery line is 25 ft ?

Should I go for jet pump or normal pump and guide me regarding the rating as well?

74. Need advice with frequent failure of submersible motor

We have one 6" borewell with 1100ft deep and submersible motor pump installed was 12.5 HP and 25 stage. On an avarage 10,000 ltrs/hr. Only problem was in a year 3 times motor was burnt and replaced. Need your advice.

Thanking you,

Krishna Murthy

75. Overloading of motor causes abnormal operation & leads to damage


As long as the designed parameters are maintained for which the size of submersible pumpset is selected i.e designed discharge,total head and current drawn,voltage condtions and frequency are maintained during pumping,there is no danger to motor.

But if any change (on higher) in characteristics (Q and H) current drawn will be more thereby increase in temperature and heat conditions causes damage to the winding. Hence it is essential to maintain the designed parameters of submersible pumpset. Any overloading of motor, more number of starts and stops etc causes abnormal operation of motor leading to damage of motor.

76. Until what depth can a 6 Hp 8 stages submersible pump perform?

I have 450 feet of bore, until what depth can a 6 Hp 8 stages submersible pump perform?

77. What capacity pump can pump 50 cubic meters per hour at 30 meter

Please can someone tell me - What capacity pump can pump 50 cubic meters per hour at 30 meters ?

78. 50 cubic meters is very good discharge


50 cubic meters is very good discharge about 14 LPS and the total head is 30 meters. If we put these values in the formula, at 60%pump efficiency the Horse Power (HP)  required is 10 HP and at 80% pump efficiency the HP should be 7.5. The total head should be within 30 meters in any season and maximum discharge value should be 14 LPS.

79. Need a solution for designing a motor and pump for the give data

This is suresh. My sir gave me a question for me to answer, the question is -

  • If the height of water to be lifted = 30mts
  • capacity of tank is= 20m3( meter cube)
  • time required to fill the tank is = 2 hours

Design a motor and pump with this data, that is to calculate the H.P (horse power) of a motor

80. Thanks for the replies

This is very very useful for me also. Thank you very much for the replies.


81. Can we insert a 1.25" HD hose inside a borewell with compressor?

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Warm Greetings. I have a borewell with 6.5" dia. During the drilling process, driller told 3.5" water may be available in the borewell. But during the drilling time, big sized white color rocks came out. Because of this reason driller told don't put borewell submersible pumps. Instead of that use compressor. Now I used 8HP oil engine (Engine is converted to Borewell Compressor) with 1.5" HD hose. Is it possible to put another 1.25" HD hose within same borewell unit? Please give suggestions.

With regards,
Tiruppur Dist.
Tamilnadu - 638105

82. How to calculate casing length for borewell?

dear Sir, I completed B.E.Civil Engg and am doing my own construction business. If I dig bore well of 6" and the depth is 200 ft, what type of motor should I install - 3 phase or 1 phase? How to calculate casing length? Is there any equation for it?

83. Type of motor depends on the requirement of discharge


Regarding your first queary on what type of motor to install:

It depends on the requirement of discharge, available discharge and total head observed particularly during summer season. Based on that one has to decide on the capacity of the pumpset. For higher connected load(hp)3 phase motor is feasible, for low capacity upto 2 hp single phase motor is suggested. The 3 phase supply has limited hours of power supply due to power restrictions and single phase supply is available more number of hours.

Regarding your second queary on the casing length:

It is decided based on the existence of highly weathered rock material or loose soil, or any collapsable soil. The purpose of inserting casing pipe is to prevent collapse of borewell walls during pumping. Until non-collapsable material is met, casing pipe has to be lowered in the borewell. Borewell logging during drilling is essential to know about subsurface strata,rate of discharge,aquifers encountered,quality of water etc.

Besides yield of borewell, if possible try to measure water level before starting of pump and on draw down.With this data it is possible to get to know when air compressor runs after completion of borewell drilling. With these details size of pumpset can be decided.

84. Verification of pump capacity for the field work - Pl clarify

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have some of the field works, which we need to perform 24,000 cubic meter of water to pump almost 600 meter distance with elevation difference (approx) 2 mtr up and down and 15 mtr height with in 14 days time frame. Can you clarify whether the below mentioned pump specification is suitable for our requirement or not.

  • Water resource thru water tanker to temporary water tank (100 cubic meter capacity)
  • Pump capacity:-350/380 cubic mtr/hour
  • Suction and discharge:-6"X 6"
  • Total head:-25 mtrs
  • Vacuum lift:- 8.8 mtrs
  • Motor:- heavy duty 70 CFM

Thanks with regards,

85. How deep should the submersible motor be - water level 14 feet

We have 190 feet borewell 5'' bore from ground level in 30 feet well with 2'' water.  The water level in well is at 14 feet, can I fit 3 hp or 5 hp submersible motor and how deep should it be?

86. What should the hp of the pump be - depth is 200 feet

How much HP pump will be of use for the depth of 200 feet.

87. Need help with suitable pump selection


I would like your support to know how to buy a suitable pump for 5" borehole, 50m deep and 1.3 m/hr.


88. Suggest right pump for borewell


Please suggest the right pump for a borewell that is 943 feet deep in Dommasandra, Bangalore. We hit 5 source of water at about 112,177,675,909, and 915 feet. A casing of about 84 feet has been inserted and the water storage level is 288 feet.

89. Need clarification on HP calculation

Generally we calculate HP of pump using a formula:

Hp = Discharge (LPS) X Total Head (m) ______ 45 or 51. So, I just want to know where we are using 45 and where we are using 51, and why and from where these value came.

Just want to know in detail

Thanks and Regards,


90. Borewell 280 ft depth - how to increase water force?

I have 6" borewell of 280 feet depth with water level of 100 feet.  I have put a 7.5 HP -10 stage Texmo make submersible pump & getting the water for 8 to 10 nosal sprinkler, but I want increased water force which will give minimum 20 nosal sprinkler. Kindly advise me what to do in this matter

91. Need help to calculate hp of submersible pump for 1100 ft bore


I want to know what capacity HP submersible motor  should be used for 1100 ft depth borewell.

Thank you,

92. Need details of discharge & total head to find the right pumpset

Dear Venkat,

To calculate the correct size of submersible pumpset for your borewell, details of discharge(lps), total head(lifting height) is required.

Please go through replies given in Sl.No 22 and 59 in the same column(calculating HP and capacity of pump for borewell).

If you take these details i.e discharge and total head to your nearest pumpset dealer who is having data on different types of pumpsets as per your requirement, the dealer can suggest you the correct size of pumpset suitable to your your borewell.

93. Need help to select solar pump for borewell 220 ft deep

I have a borewell 220 feet deep. Water source is good. Please help me in selecting solar borewell pump to draw 30 to 40,000 liters of water a day.

Please suggest if it is possible to do drip irrigation with solar borewell pump for banana plantation.

Thank you and eagerly waiting for expert suggestions.

94. Should we adopt sprinkler irrigation or rain gain?


We have dug a borewell of 6" dia, the casing is at 55 feet and upto 290 feet. We got the first layer of water at 90 feet, second at 180 feet finally 3rd at 240 feet and the digger tells capacity of water is about 3-3.5". We have installed a 5 HP CRI Pump 8 stage at 240 feet deep and 2" pipe is used and when we tested the water we get it continuously upto 3-4hr without fail.

My question is should we want to adopt sprinkler irrigation for our land with rain gun, it is possible to do or not.

As we have tested 250 jet sucessfully, can we replace the 250jet with raingun?

95. Borewell 300 ft deep, water 1/2" what capacity pump to use?


We have a borewell of 6" diameter, 300 ft deeep.

At around 80 ft we got 5 ltrs of water and we went drilled further upto 300ft and then got 10 ltrs of water.

At the time we thought that there was no water but the next day we found water at 40 feet from the ground level and around is 1/2".

What capacity borewell pump should be used for this?

96. Consult a hydrogeologist before drilling your borewell further

In 300 ft deep borewell you have mentioned 5 liters of water at 80 ft and 10 liters of water at 300 ft, but you have not mentioned about time whether it is 5 liters per minute or sec or hours similarly about 10 liters.

It is also mentioned that next day you found water at 40 ft below ground level. Even in dry Borewells water accumulates after few days in the Borewell. In such borewell when you start pumping discharge will be very low and water level go very deep and pumping may not sustain even for a few minutes.

To suggest correct size of pumpset it is necessary to know what was the discharge is while drilling was under progress. It is also necessary to know what is the water level before starting of pump and drawdown after pumping started.

In absence of these data it is difficult to suggest correct size of pumpset. Other option is to observe the performance of your neighbours ring borewells, collect the discharge and approach the pump dealer for correct size of pumpset suitable to your borewell.

It is advisable to have the suggestion of hydrogeologist available in your area whether it is beneficial to go drill deeper (more than 300 ft) to get better yield.

97. Bore 200 ft, 2 inches water - Need help with motor capacity

I have drilled a bore of 200 feet of 6 inches for agriculture, casing is up to 60 feet with 2" water flow. I have used a 3 HP submersible motor for testing for 3 days. It runs for at least 6 hrs non stop without dry run.

Should I use a 5 H.P. motor. I want to carry that water approximately to about 300 mts distance. Please suggest the specifications for motor and pump.


98. Need info on the KW of the submersible pump, bore 650 mts deep


There is a bit of mixup as to what size in KW our submersible pump should be, the bore hole is 650 meters deep already two 30kw pumps have been damaged. Can you give a safe KW rating of the size we should be using, the Voltage is 400 volts.


99. Need info on the capacity of motor to install for a 760 ft bore


Borewell depth 760 feet and diameter 6". It will be used for residential purpose only. Need to know how much HP motor to install and we plan to install submersible pump.

100. Need pump specification for 530 ft borewell with 2 inches water


Borewell depth is 530 ft deep and water yield is 2 inches. Could anybody suggest what the pump specifications for it.

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