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100 ppm TDS levels required for DM Plant: Troubleshooting STP, AP.

We manufacture Lead Acid Batteries at Kandivalasa Village in Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh.We have an STP plant currently. The STP product water contains TDS of 700 to 1000 ppm, COD of 100 ppm, TSS of 100 PPM. The product water is to be treated further to use as  feed for DM Plant for which TDS levels of 100 ppm are needed.  Output of 75 kl a day is planned. What steps are suggested?

An illustration of the current set up is attached herewith:

 K.Kanna Babu




Dear Mr. Kanna Babu,

From your flow chart is is not clear what you mean by dead bacteria. The water can not be used directly to make DM Water. Pretreatment required will be a sand filtration followed by filtration through activated carbon. Then it can be fed to RO unit to reduce TDS. The RO filtrate can be further fed to DM Plant.
Reject of RO has to be suitably disposed off. You can operate the plant 20 hr/day

You may contact us if you need further information.

Prof. R. V. Saraf
Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.
21, radhakrishna, Near SBI, Paud Road, Pune - 38


Dear Mr Babu,

The treated stp water can not be use directly as it contains 100ppm COD therefore it required further tratment to bring down BOD/COD Lable less than atleast 5ppm,otherwise Anion Resine will be fouled. To overcome this problem the treated water should treated further with attached growth biological treatment to further reduce the BOD/COD. This is further passed to MGF to remove suspended solids after chlorination then passed through ACF tO remove residual chlorine as well as COD. Than only this can feed to DM plant.

Alternatively we can use Nanofiltration to over come this problem,which will reduce the complete cod and partial bi-valent salts.


Arun Pandey
Water and waste water treatment consultant

3. Feed water for DM plant with 100ppm TDS

If you want to produce DM water for filling/topping up lead acid batteries, it would be far better to start by treating fresh raw water and not sewage(even after treatment).The ion exchange resins used in a DM plant are highly susceptible to fouling by the organic matter present in treated sewage.I presume you have a source of raw water in your factory.If so, send me the analysis report of this water and I can suggest the most efficient and economic method of making DM water.

By the way,your STP is obviously not working properly.You should set this right so that properly treated sewage can be used for other low grade uses in your factory.Do you need help in trouble shooting the STP?


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