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Water Level Indicator for Overhead Tank: Visual Cue Model: Tamilnadu

I am living in an apartment near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. For our overhead tank, we wish to install a water level indicator. There are automatic electronic water level indicators available in the market. We are not looking for them. We require a simple water level indicator (a Glass tube if i am right, is fitted adjacent to the water tank). No electronics.No sensors. We wish to see the water level from outside instead of opening the tank.

Now, I tried an internet search for this requirement,  but no luck. I wish to know the correct name of the product. Contact details of dealer/ vendor in Tamilnadu will be appreciated!

R Balaji




Dear Balaji,

What you are thinking of is a tube that comes out of the tank at its bottom and then turns upwards, and the vertical section is a glass tube so that you can directly see the water level inside. Such things are best embedded in the tank at the time of its construction. Breaking the masonry/ RCC now is not a good idea.

You could perhaps make a T-tap in the outlet pipe and attach it there, but I really do not advise all that. I am unable to understand your distrust of electronics. (actually it doesn’t even have to be electronics. The fuel gauges in cars and even the bikes are simple electrical devices). But you could go for a float type gauge. It has a float inside the tank that moves up and down with water level, and a rope attached to it over a pulley moves an indicator on a scale on the outer side of the tank. See

Chetan Pandit


Do you have a tap attached to your tank? or a bibcock ? just get some transparent PVC/PE pipe from market, hardware shop. These are flexible ones sold in coils, dia 15-17.5 mm. Connect the pipe with your bibcock/Tap using a connector, available in any hardware shop. support this pipe to the riser pipe to your tank or any vertical structure close to your tank.

You can seek help external labour for this. Fill your pipe with water. The liquid becomes bright violet colored. Add a few granules of potussium permanganate. Now whenever you open the tap - the colored liquid in the pipe will indicate the water level.

You can cover the top of the pipe with some nylon wire mesh. There is no chance of backflow of liquid from pipe to tank.

Remember This is only a level indicator. For measurement we need something more. Will be eager to know if you can implement this.


Dear R Balaji,

It is a reflex level indicator that you are asking for. It is a glass tube of about 1-2m long with flanged ends which are connected to tanks. You have to fix two flanges at the tank and connect the level indicator to it. You may contact M/s Scientific Devices at Delhi for it. They have a website which you may visit.

With best regards,

Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Dear R Balaji,

The other mechanical systems are simply fabricated by local technicians and not sold in the market.

You can install an elbow and a tee of 0.5" at bottom and top respectively. Between the elbow openings facing upwards, he can put in a polycarbonate or glass pipe and which would be held in place by the tee opening facing down wards.


Keshav Agarwal
Technical Consultant
Biotech Services
Noida, UP


Hi all,
i'm an 2nd yr electronics student in Karnataka. as part of an exhibition in college, i had developed an "Automatic Water level Controller and Turbidity Indicator". It was appreciated and i won a prize also. i have installed it in my home. It works, but it needs some modifications.
It's completely automatic - starts the pump when water reaches a low level in the tank and switches it off when tank is full. it also prevents dry-run of the pump. no overflow, no wastage, no fuss. i invested just abt Rs.150/- altogether (wiring excluded).
the only problem (if at all u feel) with it is that wires run from the unit to the overhead tank and also to the underground tank.
Will u buy it if it were sold for say, Rs.200? Wat modifications would u like to see (if any) in the final design? r u aware of any similar product in the market? pls reply - these will be valuable inputs to me.


6. Design refinment

Halo Sagar, I appreciate your ingenuity in prototyping a functional Auto-Water Level Controller (A-WLC) that seems very cost efficient. I will be interested to procure one/two and can refine the design functionality to even enable mass production if you desire to commercialise the design. Can you contact me with a low level design review, devices used and what external annuciators you have incorporated (as a LED, AUDIO, etc) and the principle of "level sensing" you have adopted. Further as you may understand if AC power is rectified and stepped down, then INPUT power protection circuits needs to be incorporated, as much as other safety features of system usage. I can assist yout to develop it as a complete documented package and provide for enhanced features.


7. Contact details

Hey Sagar,

Pl send me ur contact details

8. Water sensor

Hi, my name is Anand and I have developed the same product through my friend. I want to market the product in a commercial way. Can u please call me on this number for more information about this.

Anand - 08686445444

9. Can I get a copy of your paper?


I am santhosh doing B.E (EEE) 3rd year. It was a very inetersting read. Wat type of control should be used. If you don't mind, can you mail me a copy of your pape. And also please explain about the indicator functions.

Thank you.

10. Construction of automatic water control and turbidity indicator

I need to know the construction details of your automatic water control and turbidity indicator. Please let me know the details.
I am a 2nd year Mechanical student studying in Tamilnadu.

Anticipating your reply.


Dear Sir,

It is very difficult to put all the level control devices in the existing over head tank without the help of qualified plumber who can do this task.

The various level indicator which can be integrated with pump operation are available in the market. You can buy & install at your tank.

Prof. R. V. Saraf
Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.
21, Radhakrishna, Near SBI, Paud Road, Pune - 38

12. Water Level Indicator for Overhead Tank


Dear Sir,

Meet any of the building construction supervisor ( Mesthri), in you area.  He is using  a leveling tube which is transparent and visible during day time and during nights you may have to torch or electric light.  

Ask the same Supervisor to help you to make a 1/4 inches or 1/2 inches hole at the bottom and tell him to insert the same tube which he uses for making horizontal and vertical leveling while perfecting the construction of wall or floor. Tie the other end as close as to the end of the tank.


You can monitor the water level from this tube. Shake a little bit if there are any air pockets inside the tube and you can learn this shaking Technic from the same supervisor. This is a low cost one and solves your problem.

The tube will cost about Rs. 10 or Rs. 20


With best wishes   

A. Raja Mohamed Ambalam


Coastal Energy Pvt Ltd





13. Please have a look at this

Please have a look at this site for a water level indicator that may suit your needs.




14. Solution


Try this way, you must have the below mentioned materials.

  1. A wooden or plastic stick with same length as the water tank and width is similar to a pencil.
  2. A 1/2 litre cool drinks pet bottle.
  3. A round shaped pipe having width about 1/2 inch width and 30 inches length, it can be wood or plastic or paper.

Method: First fill half of the bottle with sand, then make a hole on top of the cap and insert the stick into it. Make sure the hole is tight and holds the stick. Insert the 1/2 inch pipe from the top of the cap and now open the slabs on the top of tank, place the pipe in between the two slabs. Now position the pipe tightly, now the stick will move up and down as the level of water increases or decreases.

Try this.

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