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Food Industry ETP: Improving effluent quality:Alum usage prior to UASB treatment

My question is related to the ETP of Food industry(savories):

1) Inlet parameter of raw effluent are: BOD- 1500-2200, COD-1800-5000, O.&G.- 285 ph-3-5

2) We have installed a well designed ETP- the effluent route is- catch pit-o.&g. trap-reaction tank (using lime/alum/polyelectrolyte)- anaerobic tank(using culture-cow dung & molasses)-aerobic tank (using culture-cow dung,urea,DAP,molasses)-diffuse aeration tank-filter-Outlet.

   a) the problem is that we are still not finding the outlet parameter (30% of inlet parameters only)

   b) brackish odour problem

   c) cow dung smell.

Outlet parameter we are getting now only 30% reduction of inlet value. Can the same be improved? In this connection I would also like to know whether usage of alum prior to pumping to UASB is advised or not?

Hemant Kumar Anthwal




Dear Hemant Kumar Anthwal,

Firstly, I disagree totally with the practice of having chemical treatment in food effluent. Since the effluent quality is highly organic, answers shall be found by biological treatment itself. The very first step is anaerobic treatment followed by biological treatment. This itself shall reduce the parameters to about 5% of the initial parameters. Balance, if any, may be reduced by chemical means.

Anaerobic treatment shall reduce about 60% of the BOD, aerobic shall do it for 85% of the reduced BOD. I think that this itself shall do the trick. Give me the tank sizes and I shall tell you more.

With best regards,

Taral Kumar
Executive Director
Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Uttar Pradesh


Dear Mr. Hemant,

Please submit the list of product to get an idea of waste water quality.
Waste water from Food processing industry has generally biodegradable organic matter. It is not clear to us that why molasses is being added to the anaerobic and aerobic reactor when the biodegradable organic matter is available in waste
Cow dung is being added to develop the biomass. Once biomass is developed cow dung is never added again.

Please check up the performance efficiency of each unit operation. Please check Volatile fatty acid in UASB and MLSS in Aeration tank.

Alum may be dozed however the sludge has to be removed from the waste water before it enters the UASB reactor.

If the plant details are furnished we can suggest you the remedy.

Viraj Envirozing India Pvt. Ltd.
21 Radhakrishna, Near SBI, Paud Road, Pune 38

3. Need info on Effluent Treatment Plant outlet water parameters

We are planning to start a new Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) plant in our industry. We have no idea about ETP water outlet parameters. Please tell me about the parameters.  

Also tell me how to decrease the high chlorine content (ppm) in ETP outlet water.

What are the chemicals & methods used for it?

4. Need physicochemical parameters for mango pulp industry effluent

Dear Sir/Madam

Can you please give me the physico-chemical parameters of mango pulp & mango juice manufacturing industry effluent?


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