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CDM Regulations: Distance Between Runs of Hydroprojects

My query is regarding hydro power projects for CDM.   Is there a requirement for a minimum distance between two run of the river  hydro projects, for both the projects to be eligible for CDM.





Dear Parvinder,

Please say what you required. Is the hydropower in series or parallel in position. Please elaborate your question with details so that I can give u some advice

Arun Paul


Dear Parvinder,

For specific technical "know-why and know-how" proficiency you may contact National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd. (NHPC) the largest organization for hydropower development in India, with capabilities to undertake all the activities from conceptualization to commissioning in relation to setting up of hydro projects.

Hence, for additional information please contact following officials:
Executive Director
Consultancy & Business Development Division
NHPC Office Complex
Sector - 33, Faridabad - 121 003
Haryana , India
Phone: 91-129-2258331
Fax: 91-129-2277941, 2278012


General Manager
Consultancy & Business Development Division
NHPC Office Complex
Sector - 33, Faridabad - 121 003
Haryana , India
Phone: 91-129-2278006
Fax: 91-129-2277941

With regards,
Anita Bhatt
WES-Net India


Dear Parvinder,

Please refer to standard booklets reports from Indian River valley projects, central water commission or irrigation and drainage abstracts or refer to IIT published reports. At least, refer to National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee.

Dr. M. K. Khandelwal,
Principal Scientist
Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (ICAR)
Regional Research Station
Bharuch 392012 (Gujarat), India


Dear Parvinder,

There is no requirement for minimum distance.

Sriskandh Subramanian
Program Officer-Climate Change (CLC)
Winrock International India
788, Udyog Vihar, Phase V
Gurgaon - 122001, INDIA


If I understand it correctly, Parvinder has thrown up a very interesting question, and I was myself looking forward to someone answering it. The very first response asked him to clarify it further. But he hasn’t. From the subsequent responses it seems to me that the question has not been understood by the community. So here is what I think the question meant. (and if didn’t mean that, then this may be taken as a new question from me)

In run-of-the river hydro projects, the water abstracted from the river needs to travel considerable distance before sufficient head is developed between the abstracted water and the river to generate electricity. The river reach from the abstraction point to return of water to the river (tail race) is deprived of that flow and this has some harmful impact on the river ecology.

When such run-of-the river hydro projects are constructed in a cascade, it often happens that the water coming out from the tail race of one is diverted as head race of the next one in the cascade. Example, water diverted from Yamuna at Dak Pathar at Dehradoon goes through a cascade of five projects and only then returns to Yamuana at Tajewala.

But if there is some minimum distance to be maintained between two such consecutive projects, then the water will flow in the river for some reach at least. (what good would that do, is a separate question, and I am not suggesting that there should be a minimum distance prescribed. I am only re-stating an interesting question). Therefore, is there some minimum distance prescribed to be maintained between two such projects, in order that they be eligible for any benefits under CDM. Any answers ? (and no answers will be found at places mentioned by MK Khandelwal)

To that add from my side, "Should a minmum distance be prescribed ? If yes, why ? What purpose would that serve ?"

Chetan Pandit


Dear Parvinder,

From the full reservoir level where ever the backwater reaches after that point only the second reservoirs can be taken up.

G.B Vaidya
Chief Engineer, Conts. (E&M) – II
National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited,
2nd Floor, Room No.204, NHPC Office Complex,
Sector - 33, Faridabad-121003,
Haryana, India


Dear Parvinder,

Firstly please explain to me what exactly is meant by CDM. Regardless of what CDM means, as far as my experience in hydropower goes, I don’t think there is any minimum distance requirement between two run of the river hydro projects.

The distance depends on many factors such as site conditions for location of diversion structure, the head available for power generation, cost of laying the various project components and many other factors.

But since your main concern is regarding CDM, I need to know what it means so that I can reply accordingly.


Bharti Gupta
Deputy Manager
National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited,
2nd Floor, Room No.204, NHPC Office Complex,
Sector - 33, Faridabad-121003,
Haryana, India


Dear Parvinder,

If these two hydropower projects are from different companies, they are both eligible for CDM. In case they belong to one single company, these have to be counted as a single project. Otherwise there is no minimum distance specified. You may go through ACM 002 at

Hope this answers your question.


Environment Officer
National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited
2nd Floor, Room No.204, NHPC Office Complex
Sector - 33, Faridabad-121003
Haryana, India

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