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Extreme Flood Discharge, Spillway Design: Details, Design standards.

1]Can you provide the comparitive statement of standards for the Extreme Flood Discharge for spillway design in India, China, United States and Asian countries by comparing them with the International Standards followed by the International Commission On Large Dams [ICOLD]  ?

2]Can you provide the basis for determining the Inflow Design Flood for Polavaram Project as determined by the National Institute of Hydrology while preparing the Dam Break Analysis report as requested by the Andhra Pradesh State Government ?

3]Can the Central Water Commission provide the basis for determination of  Spillway Design Flood of 50 lakhs cusecs when the standard designs require the use of Probable Maximum Flood for Polavaram spill-way as per International Standards ?

Prof.T.Shivaji Rao




Dear Prof. T. Shivaji Rao,

As rightly stated by J. Harsha, for specific request you may contact Central Water Commission for the requisite material at the following address:

Public Information Officer
Ministry of Water Resources
Sharam Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg,
New Delhi-1
Telephone: 1-23710343(O)
Fax: 011-23710343

Anita Bhatt
WES-Net India

2. Supply of Information on killer Polavaram Dam project

I have been trying to get a copy of the Dam break Analysis Report prepared by the natinal Institute of Hydrology at Roorkee since many years and I could not succeed. Similarly, I have not been able to get the information from the CWC. Hence, I request you to kindly get this information on the reasons as to why CWC approved for peak flood of 36 lakhs cusecs for spillqway design and why it was later changed to 50 lakhs cusecs even when the NIOH experts used 60 lakhs cusecs  as Inflow design flood while international standards  it works out to more than 75 lakhs cusecs. Kindly use your good  influence to get the true facts from the government agencies of NIOH for the Dam Break Analysis Report for polavaram and other information from the CWC  and place them on the web site.


Dear Prof. T. Shivaji Rao,

The details of any work done by a Government office can not be made available by individuals directly, as it is governed by relevant rules. But the same can be had by any Indian citizen by following suitable procedures.

A specific request addressed to Chairman, Central Water Commission or Secretary, MoWR or Public Information Officer can be made for getting the requisite material. The details of Public Information Officer are available in or


Environment Management Directorate,
Central Water Commission,
Government of India,
New Delhi

4. Information on Polavaram Dam project

I have tried to get the information and I could not succeed. So kindly use your good offices to get the information I asked for from both NIOH and CWC and place it on this web site to enable others also to participate in the discussions on the validity of estimations relating to the extreme floods to be expectd at polavaram.


Dear Prof. T Shivaji Rao,

Your resume on the internet says you are a Member, Expert Committee on Environmental Impact of Polavaram Project. In that capacity, you would probably already have the information you are seeking here, or could certainly ask for it in your official capacity. Could you please tell us then why this query on IWP ?

For the information of readers, Prof. T Shivaji Rao is a person very reputed, and very active in water and environment sector. His resume can be seen at Amongst other things, he is/was a member of the Higher Power Committee on Seismic Safety of Tehri Dam; Expert Member State Level Committee on Cloud Seeding, Govt. of AP; Member, State Wild Life Advisory Board, Govt. of AP; Chairman, Environmental Monitoring Committee, Visakhapatnam Port Trust; Member, Expert Committee, Forest Department, Govt. of AP; and Chairman, Technical Committee, Andhra Pradesh State Water Pollution Control Board and last but not least, Member, Expert Committee on Environmental Impact of Polavaram Project.

A person of this stature can not be unaware of the Govt. procedures, and as pointed out at the beginning he could ask for it officially. Obviously, his questions are not to be taken at face value. Some indication of what he is driving at can be had from a series of long article he has written on Polavaram dam flood studies, which can be seen at to

(the title of the articles, “Polavaram Dam Failure Kills 45 Lakhs Of People” – meaning Polavaram dam HAS failed and HAS killed 45 lakh people - is somewhat misleading, because neither of this has actually happened. But by now the people have got accustomed to such “minor” exaggerations in environmental discourse)

Chetan Pandit

6. Information on Data used for design of Polavaram Dam project

I believe in serving public interests rather than take a negative approach in resolving public problems in national interest. It does not help somebody to always seek loopholes instead of trying to help the public get access to useful information from any sources. Instead of throwing useless challenges that are destructive to the National interest it is desirable to think calmly and positively and help other who are in need of information as sought for.

Kindly get a copy of the Dam break Analysis report prepared by NIOH, Roorkee in 1999 to know how effectivelly it will serve our purpose in analysing the role of Government organisations in protecting public interests. We have seen how Bhopal tragedy was a man-made affair and how the public interests were thrown to the winds by the failure of the state and central Governmental agencies.This is only to highlight the serious role to be played by the so called intellectuals as envisaged under Art.51A[g] of the constitution of India as envisaged by the late prime minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi. So kindly try to help the public in general instead of wasting our precious time in unproductive work.

7. why special experts are getting confused about polavaram Dam

I know serious experts in the fields of water resources and Environment will honestly work to help get the information asked for and not put counter Questions to divert the public attention from a serious issue of life and death for lakhs of people in Godavari Delta who will face the Dam Break problem as and when it arises due to improper planning and design as had happened in 1979 to Morvi dam in Gujarath and many dams in India and abroad as listed in the web sites on polavaram Dam.

To let the special experts understand the seriousness of the problem,last year the Peak floods in Krishna river touched the extreme level of about 26 lakhs cusecs while spill-way was designed for 13 lakhs cusecs and thousands of people in andhra pradesh suffered.

History teaches us good lessons if only we are patriotic citizens with open mind to take lessons from them.But if our oulook is distorted,we end up bu damaging the interests of others.It is high time that we attempt to be good and to do goodto the people and the nation from the health,environment,economic and sustainable Development angles.serious issues must be considered in a serous manner in public interest as otherwise posterity will not forgive us for our sins of commission and omission.


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