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Motor & Hose stuck in Borewell: Recover or Drill new well ? Advise

In our apartment complex we have 3 borewells, of which one is as good as dead - ie., we get some water from it only during the rainy season.  Of the other two, the most recent one was drilled in 2004 and is about 350ft deep.  One submersible pump is used to pump water from this well.

Last month, we had a problem with this new well.  We were not able to pump water from the well.  The mechanic tried to bring the motor and hose up from the well and during this the hose got cut and half the hose and the motor got stuck inside the bore.  He tried using the chain and pulley to bring the hose and motor up but that also failed.

The mechanic says that only about 150ft of the hose has come up broken.  The balance hose nearly 200ft and the motor abt 15ft length is stuck in the bore and we will not be able to bring it up, whatever method we try.  He advocates drilling another bore to solve the water problem.

Is there any way to save the bore?  If we are able to get water from the existing bore at least upto 250ft, we can manage with the water from it.  The mechanic says that since the hose is flexible, inside the bore it is bent and so he is not able to get a hold on it.  If he is able to get hold of the hose, then he can try to save both the bore and the motor.

Please tell me whether there is a way to take the hose out of the bore.




1. Dear Padmavathy, Similar

Dear Padmavathy, Similar query was raised earlier by a user in the past. You can refer the responses at this link.

Dr. Anita Bhatt WES-Net India


The only way to save the borewell is by removing the pipes and pump struck in the borewell.

Use of appropriate fishing tools can help you in this regard. Since the mechanic employed by you has already tried his best to pull out the unit, the only option is try out some other mechanic who may have different fishing tools. These are some times developed by them on their own based on their experience.

These are some times a matter of luck that a particular tool used by a mechanic can help in bailing out the pipes and pumps. Plastic pipes may not be easy to pull out as they do not provide the required grip for pulling out the pump assembly.

Also, talk to some of the dealers who are into installing pumps as they may have some knowledge in tackling such problems.


There are many “fishing” tools available to retrieve pumps. Do you know what the size the borehole is?
size of the pump?
Model # of the pump?
what is attached to the pump?
Do you have a pulling unit (truck with boom) available or you trying to do this by hand? Is the pump “stuck” or is it just sitting there waiting to be lifted out of the well?

I would imagine that if there is any amount of hose still attached to the pump, and it is not stuck, you could use a corkscrew device to wind up whatever hose is left into the cork screw and pull it up that way.

You would have to have enough steel rods/joints of small diameter steel pipe (you would want to make sure that the threads of the joints and the threads of the corkscrew are the same so you would not unscrew your pipe/rods when you turn the corkscrew) to reach the pump.

You can also use some sort of biodegradable oil to as a lubricant to get the pump loose.

Ketan Maroo and Billy Gamblin

4. Borewell purchased is not quality one - Please be careful

This is to inform, while purchasing the items of submersible pumps and pipes please ensure this are all are original and working condition. Because some of the dealers in Bangalore, for example, Palar Agencies are selling non-working submersible pumps and the duplicate hoses and pipes like Gangotri submersible pumps and Rishi pipes are really all are duplicate are recycled one.

You may feel its cheap but you will end up in trouble and the service also poor, once the dealer has taken money they won't respond to you and no service. This is my experience and my borewell good water source was there. Because of this duplicate products sold by Palar agencies at Bangalore got wasted and i had lost lot of money.

I always suggest go for better product like Texmo and approach the good dealers in Bangalore, don't think that in this shop comparably cheap and you will end up in problem.

5. Retrived the motor using a chain pulley system

Hi All,

A month before I have a similar problem but did not get the right solutions. I narraate my experience here.

  • CRI brand submerssible pump stopped functioning - No water was getting pumped and shows more current in starter panel and it tripped off. Pump could not be lifted up for repair from the borewell.
  • Repeated attempts to raise it up failed as the nylon rope and hose got extended due to the pulling and was about to get cut after initial upward movement of 2 feet.
  • Borewell around 200 feet, dia of borewell 4 inch with Finolex plastic pipes reaching to the bottom from top, and at the top around 40 feet deep and 5 inch outer casing to arrest any near by saline/bad water.
  • With the help a good plumber/mechanic who devised a strategy of chain pulley system and pulled out the outer 4 inch Finolex pipe fully out of the borewell.
  • After pulling out the 4 inch Finolex pipe of the borewell for 200 feet, we observed that the submersible pump also lifted along the last bottom with most of the Finolex 4 inch pipe attached tightly with it.
  • Finally the team has reinstalled the same 4 inch outer pipes by pasting after flushing the borewell. I could use same 1 inch hose, nylon rope etc. for a new pump system. I had to abandon the un-repairable submersible pump and install new compressor based monoblock pump. The reason for this problem was that the submersible pump got swollen due to corrosion after being in the water for 7 years. It had swollen from 3 inch initial size to 4 inch due to corrosion of its stainless steel body (at the time of installation the mechanic told me that stainless steel body will not corrode, if any problem it can be easily lifted up and repaired and reinstalled). After bulging it got stuck inside the 4 inch dia borewell, could not run and hence water supply stopped and the starter control panel on the ground showed drawing high current, but no water.

Few things learnt from this experience:

  • Submersible pumps may be good for others, it is always good to opt for a pump installed on ground.
  • One of the best selling branded pump also failed in the above manner.
  • Install 5 inch or 6 inch outer plastic pipes instead of traditional home based 4 inch. Of course initial cost of the borewell may escalate.
  • Ensure there is atleast 2 inch gap between the submersible pump and outercasing pipes to cater for future corrossions and bulge in the pump.
  • Always install best of the plastic pipes like Finolex high grade for the borewells. This has enabled me to lift the whole borewell casing by sustaining the chain block pressure from top.
  • Monoblock pump now installed takes double the time hence power to fill the tank, but no other way. Earlier submersible took half an hour to fill the tank, but now it takes 1 hour.
  • Monoblock pump is very noisy. It heats up the pipes, hence steel pipes for 20 feets from gound level is installed. Total expense for the whole operation was Rs.50,000/- including Rs.20,000 new monoblock pump. Thanks to my plumber for saving me the borewell atleast.


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