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Pump Selection Advice:Types&Factors, Maddur

I'm pursuing an horticulture project at Maddur. We had recently dug a 6" borewell and struck water at 100 ft. The total depth of the  bore is 400 ft. Can you please suggest what is the ideal HP rating of the submersible pump to be used.

The casing has been done for around 50 ft. Also what is the typical cost for such pump and what are the factors we should consider for selecting the pump.





The rating of the pump would depend on the water availability in the borewell and the water requirement of the garden.

The pump rating varies with different manufacturers. For your case, even though it would very much depend on the water both available and needed, a pump rating of 5-7.5HP may be required (while the number of impellers required will depend on the depth at which you are fixing the pump).

The cost would depend on the HP of the pump and the type of pipe used. Approximately it should cost any thing between Rs.40,000(very conservative estimate for lowest pump and pipe options) to Rs.60,000.

Contact reputed dealers who would conduct practical investigation/demonstration to offer suitable solutions at a cost.

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