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Govt Agency for Deep Bore Well, Waste Land Development: Tiruvallur, Tamilnadu.

My native place is in Tiruvallur Dt, Tamilnadu. We have 3 acres of fertile land and grow paddy whenever water is available in lake. Adjoining lands, about 50 acres is cultivated with a distant water source and nearly Rs.5000 per acre is spent for water as no deep borewells are available in nearby fields. Poor people are not afford to spend this much as the income from land is not lucrative.

Kindly inform me of any Government agency who can sink deep borewell with proper survey, prospecting and power supply provided.

Can the cost be treated as a loan under waste land development?

Is there any subsidy for such projects?





Contact the District Rural Development Agency to find whether the group of people you have mentioned are eligible for assistance under the Govt.Schemes.

Banks also provide loans to lift irrigation schemes if the scheme is viable.

For prospecting good tubewells, you can contact water diviners and engineers in the area to develop a suitable system for irrigating the lands.


The description of water availability in Thiruvallur Dt. by Sivasubramani reminds me of my own studies for Hindustan Earth Movers Ltd. at Thiruvallur during 1978-1980. While the shallow alluvial aquifers flanking the major streams have good yields, the rocky aquifers have poor to moderate yields with poor water quality at several places. Tank water is most undependable. As the yields of bore wells were quite low, I recommended for developing shallow infiltration wells within sand deposited by the Adyar River.

The major portion of Thiruvallur district is part of Chennai Metropolitan Area with major portion of groundwater used for urban water supply and balance for irrigation. As the level of groundwater development exceeds 100%, new wells are not normally recommended.

Unlike some states such as Andhra Pradesh having the programme to construct community wells to irrigate farmers’ lands through a specially-created Government Department (that is, A.P. State Irrigation Development Corporation (APSIDC) Limited) and charge in return some fee, Tamil Nadu has no such programme. The Ground and Surface Water Wing of Tamil Nadu Government however has a programme of providing paid service to select suitable sites for well construction, issue clearance for construction of new wells, conduct chemical analysis to determine suitability for drinking and irrigation and take up electrical logging in existing wells to determine yield and water quality. Further details and charges can be obtained at

The farmers of Thiruvallur District have to contact The Executive Engineer, PWD, Ground Water Division and Assistant Director (Geology), Ground Water Geological Sub Division at Taramani, Chennai to obtain necessary services.

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao
Retired Professor of Geology
Sri Venkateswara University
Tirupati, AP 517502

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao, Professor of Geology Retired, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP 517502, India

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