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Wastewater recycling solutions?Space&Cost Estimates

We are an Institute having 5000 students and want to introduce recycling of waste water from hostels so that it can be reused for irrigation ,construction & sanitation purpose. So, kindly suggest some effective technique which requires minimum space along with cost.





Dear Rahul,

Your question to indiawaterportal has been directed to me for an answer.I am a Bangalore based water management consultant with 4 decades of water management experience.

Your decision to seriously look at recycling waste for a variety of purposes is a good one.You have indicated a student population of 5000 in your institution.Are they all living in the campus or some are day-scholars? What about teaching & adminstrative staff? How many of them live in the campus and how many come only during working hours?

Waste water generation is higher for the population living in the campus,hence my question.Answers will help me to give more accurate answers.For the present I assume 5000 students live in the campus,if yes, the approximate waste water generated per day will be approximately 540000litres/day.A sewage treatment plant including a tertiary treatment plant based on the activated sludge process with the latest design would cost approximately Rs.55 to 60 lacs.About the space required, I would have to ask a couple of manufacturers for this information.

I would also like to ask you to actively consider doing Rain Water Harvesting in your campus as this will prolong the yield from your wells/bore wells.In this too I can be of assistance.

If you need help to contact manufacturers, please let me know so that I can put them in touch with you.It would help if you give me your postal address and telephone numbers.


Water Management Consultant

2. A similar query that has

A similar query that has already been answered on this forum:



This refers to your query for an institute with 5000 students. We would need to know how many are day scholars and how many are day and night staff and / or students.

There are several methods for treatment, depending upon the space you can spare. We normally would assume that there would be a waste of about 200 to 250 KL/Day.

We have on offer two technologies on offer:

1. Biological Treatment, which would take about 250 to 300 sq. meters of space and

2. Electrocoagulation system which would take about 80 to 100 sq. meters of space.

We are attaching a presentation on electrocoagulation.

This treatment offers no smell or noise and need not be operated continuously.

We would be pleased to answer any queries.


Keshav Agarwal

Biotech Services


Dear Member,

Your intention to recycle and conserve water in school premises is commendable,

Getting into specifics, 5000 students all in hostel or part stay in hostel

5000# times 100Lit comes to 500,000 lit.500KL per day, say from 5 locations called as Zones,

Each zone to cater to wwt of 500kld and reuse water taken for flushing/ garden-irrigatiion.

Space required would be at each zone for 100kl per day plant 1500 to 2000 sq.m all to have green cover/ grasses, lawn etc, cost per zone for 1No. STP-100kl per day(Rs. 20K per 1kl) Rs.20 Lakhs. 5 nos would be Re. 1.0 crore

Available water nearly 500 kl capable of taking care of 250,000 sq.m of green cover say 60 Acres..

Only broad outline has been given, there are many green initiatives which can be realized viz. bio-gas plant fed on kitchen waste from mess/ other areas. Complete campus can be made into a centre for Environmental Excellence, with insitu upgradation and with out-reach to associated communities. Also earn Carbon-credits!

Ngo-The Vigyan Vijay Foundation has expertise in the these areas, pl feel free to be in touch. If the site is nearer to Delhi, our project team member could visit and assess the details etc..

Pl feel free to be in touch, with wellwishes from VigyanVijay!

Er. Ajit Seshadri
Head-Environmental Wing
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation
H-2/2-5, Mahavir Enclave,
Palam Dabri Road,
New Delhi-110 045
Ph. : 011-25058853 (NGO)

Website :


Dear Rahul,

First, you have to tell us whether the 5000 students are residential or floating population. Wastewater quantitiy depends on the usage.

The best suited technology for the same is packaged type STP. The technology is MBBR (Moving bed bio-reactor). Should you tell us the no. of residential students and daily commuters, we shall be able to give you better estimates on the plant area, cost and usage etc.


Taral Kumar


We are into a most advanced & cost effective treatment of wastewater. We use nascent oxygen technology which takes care of both chemical & biological loads in a single treatment. We can treat sewage at low cost . Our plant can be set up in a small area(even in -1 level).Our technology does not require aerators or growing any biological medium.Sludge management is easy as we can give you dry sludge. You can contact us on for further information


Dear Mr Kishore,

I am really impressed by the Electrocoagultion process of treatment.
I would like to know from Mr Kishore, if the existing aerobic biological facility of STP plant can be modified to the Electrocoagulation type and if so what would be the additional cost for a 60 KLD plant.

I would like to know more information about the Electrocoagulation process.


with kind regards,

Guru Dutt K V - Maintenance


my name-satish kumar sharma and my e-mail is

dear rahul, i think its better if you are require to establish an oxidation pond for treatment of sewage in your hostel and capacity is depeding on the total number of persons ( e.g. by your number of students - 5000).

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