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Laundry Water Re-use.

What are the treatment methods available for Laundry waste water for re-use?





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Dear Jayasree,

Good to note that you wish to adopt methods for reuse of laundry waste-water.

Dewats-Natural treatment process having anareobic baffled tank / filter-reactor/ clubbed with use of plants-typha,phragmites,cayhna may be used for process to make laundry wash water suitable for re-use. Almost all domestic waste-water can be bio-remedied using Dewats-principles. Our NGO has done a small WWTplant 300lit per day effluent from kitchen and laundry wash, its using the above process and the owners have introduced a fountain, a re-circulation bowl, and in their house veg. garden have salad-vegetables and others growing.

They are also abiding by our suggestion to use less strong bio-soaps, soap-nut powder and for utensil washing bio-matter- basan,shikkakai, wood-ash, neem-oil is used as the plants feel more comfortable with the bio-matter mentioned than popular brands of detergents etc. Bio-sludges at tank's bottoms also is co-composted with other bio-mass to make bio-manure. No waste is observed.

For more specifics, pl contact with flow details etc.

wishing well to follow water conservation principles and practice..and with outreach


Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

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