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Polymer Modified Cementatious Sealing Slurry:Canal Waterproofing, Contacts.

I am working on the application of Polymer modified Cementatious sealing slurry in the Irrigation canals in India. As we all know that water is precious and we need to utilise it in a proper way. Now in India in most of the cases the water are carried through unlined canals and one can see the seapage of water / loos of water through that. Now I would like to know.....

1. What are the various systems used in India to make the canals waterproof ?

2. Where and whom should we approach to discuss this matter ( usage of Copolymer modified Cementatious Sealing Slurry ) ?

Suman Bhowmik





An entry from the India Water Portal Blog with a news article with information regarding the query, access here:


Strange question - a person working on developing a new product for canal lining does not know what are the presently used products.

First you will have to prove your product in field trials - in real canals. For this you may contact

1: Director (R&D), Ministry of Water Resources,
2: Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
3: International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (this has its HQ in Delhi)
4: Central Water & Power Research Station
5: Indian National Committee on Construction Materials and Structures
6: Central Soil and Mateirals Research Institute
7: Many of the States have under them an irrigation research institute, e.g. MERI (Maharashtra Irr. Research Inst) at Nasik; GERI (Gurat I.R.I.) at Vadodra; KERI (Karnatka I.R.I) at Surthkal; UPIRI at Roorkee; etc.

Chetan Pandit
National Water Academy

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