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Vibratory Pumps:Suitability&Usage

Why the vibratory pumps, which are commonly used in Brazil, are not used in rural sector as they can be cheap and efficient ?

Is there any company in india who can supply the vibratory pump which operates at within our utility power supply? Information regarding vibratory pumps can be had here :

Prof.Anil Kadle






From the description of the "Monika" electronic vibratory pumps at the url referred by Prof. Anil Kadle

it is clear that such pumps can only lift water from shallow depths for short duration. In view of availability of better pumps, vibratory pumps may not become popular in India for pumping groundwater.

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao
Former Professor of Geology
Sri Venkateswara University
Tirupati, AP 517502

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao, Professor of Geology Retired, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP 517502, India


Dear Prof. Anil, coincidentally I am searching for Indian vibratory pumps to add a new brazilian technology to Small Indian Farmers. You have more information about this technology in UFV magazine that you received in Viçosa University - Brasil. Really the Monika is bad exemple to a vibratory pump. It have many limitations. In Brazil the vibratory pumps have a better quality incomparable with Monika.

I am brazilian researcher and I innovate a sprinkler valve that irrigate 5000 m² with one vibratory pump. The valve manufacture has begun in India, but I don't find a good Indian vibratory pump yet.

Please, let me know about other vibratory pumps.

Agricultural and Environmental Engineer.
André L. T. Paula

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