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Fishery Wastewater Processing: Parameters, Case studies.

I am a consultant on residential colony developement. Wastewater reuse is within the scope of my design. Sewage treatment plant of 0.5 MLD capacity of cyclic activated Sludge Process (C-ASP)SEQUENTIAL BATCH RECTOR (Sbr) TECHNOLOGY will be used to process the sewage.

C-ASP components of following features will be used: Co-current Nirification/ De-nitrification, Decanter stainless steel moving weir assembly difusser, Blowers and air grid submiersible pumps  for return sludge (RAS) recycle and surplus sludge upmps  (SAS). Outputs of 70,000 gallons will be expected. My question is is there anyone processing wastewater for Fisheries. I would like to know all the parameters and if possible case studies.





The following link guides you to a FAO manual on Wastewater Treatment in Fishery Industry


Dear Mr.Tongou,
I am a water management consultant operating from Bangalore. I think you would get the information you seek if you contact Sea food processing units in the coatal states.They would need to regularly analyse and treat waste water for disposal/re-use and keep records as this would be a mandatory requirement by the concerned state pollution control boards.


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