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Checking water resource capability of unused borewell

I am planing to purchase a site which is containing a borewell. I want to know whether that borewell is having water or not. The owners are saying they dug upto 700 feet and around 600 feet they got water. Next to this site, people have got bore water at 400 feet and they are having enough water. We want to check the water resources in this borewell.

Please advise how to check if the water is sufficient or not. 3 month old bore well, not used. Is there any body to check the borewell water resourses.







What Shanmukh has to do is to get a pumping test or step drawdown test conducted in the bore well. The bore well must have been drilled to a depth of 700 feet as the water-bearing fracture zone met at a shallow depth in the nearby bore well of 400 feet was not met.

The depth to water level and depth of the bore well can be determined using a wetted tape. The local sellers of deep-well pumps will be able to arrange for such testing. In a step drawdown test, water is pumped at different rates (that is, so many litres per hour) by keeping the submersible pump at different depths to know the actual quantum of water that could be safely pumped and the resulting lowering of water level or drawdown. The test helps to know whether the bore well can meet the water requirements of the land to be irrigated and the types of crops that could be grown with the available water.

R. Jagadiswara Rao

Dr. R. Jagadiswara Rao, Professor of Geology Retired, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP 517502, India


A simple solution: - By inserting a thin nylon rope tied a small stone/metal piece inside the borewell to an anticipated depth, you can find out the water level and total depth of the borewell. You can easily do this yourself.

Also, contact reputed vendors selling pumps who will be able to help in identifying the suitable solution for your requirement.

Ramesh Sakthivel

3. I want to know the benefits of yeild testing of a borewell

Please let me know the benefits of yield testing of a bore well for agriculture use and is it necessary and advisable to get a yield test done? Also how to determine the best pump to use, the company as well as the type of pump.

The bore is 280 feet in depth and has 1 1/2 inches of water as per the drillers advice. My mobile number is 9970888123 if you want to speak with me about this.

4. Need help to check water level in Thane district, Maharashtra


Iwant to check the level of water at the source through scientific methonds. Need contact details of a person who can help with this in Thane district, Maharashtra.

Thanks & Regards,

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