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Large diameter HDPE sewerage pipes -- any examples of usage ?

Have HDPE pipes been used in big sewerage (gravity) network project in Inidia ?For example, under any JBIC/ADB/WB/JNNURM project. I am mainly looking for sewers in the range of 450-750 mm dia.





Dear Mr. Sandeep

In South Indian projects funded by JBIC / ADB / World Bank, HDPE pies are not used till today for dia ranging from 450mm to 750mm for gravity sewers. I don't have much knowledge of the North Indian utilitites, whether they have tried in any one of these funded projects. But I need about a week to 10 day's before give my final answer. But even in RCC pipes of these dia HDPE liners are now proposed to be used for corrosion protection.

Thanking you

With regards


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