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Recovery fraction in a sewage treatment plant

Can u tell me the fraction of water that can be recovered in a Sewage treatment plant?





The sewage from Municipal Discharges is being recovered as a water resourxe to an extent of 70%. MANY COUNTRIES are already trying to recover this after treating to the higher standards through memberane technology. The best example could be Singapore. We may recomend Swathi to go through the Singapore Water Utility Web site.

Thanking you

With regards

ex-Chief Engineer, BWSSB


Dear Swati,
We wish to tell you that the recovery of processed water is in the region of 90 to 95% for most types of STPs, if you have more mechanised/ and extended aerated type the recovery is 90% and the natural bio-remediation type with only tanks/filters and no mechanised parts it would be 95% or highr. The remains are sludge which can also be recovered and co-composted to make bio-manures.
Do you wish to re-use the water from the STP process, if you desire so, pl browse this website for more info on how best to process it cost-effectively etc.

With wellwishes from Ajit Seshadri.

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

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