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Removing/preventing scale formation in pipelines

I want addresses of firms supplying magnetic monopole type (clamp on) equipments which not only prevent scales from forming in water pipelines but also loosen & remove existing scales.

- Sunil Date


  Joint General Manager / Purchase

  Ordnance Factory Medak  (AP)





I wrote this in response to another question on this site. It may be of help to you also!

I can tell you that magnetic water treatment does and doesn't work and is dependent on many factors far too many to discuss here. It's simple to say that Magnets (inline or clamp on) are the weakest and most problematic of the physical water treatment systems.

As I have said, I have first hand knowledge of physical water treatment and have done a lot of research on both the physical and chemical treatments ranging from homes to business to industry and cooling towers!

Several years ago, I installed two electronic water conditioners to remove/control scale concerns. One was on a community hall supplied with very hard water from a well, and they had a UV system online. The UV system was scaling thus preventing it's operation. The owners monitored the UV system and reported that the lamp was cleaning up within days and after a month were arranging to install systems at six other locations.

Three years ago, I installed another electronic water conditioner in my sons recently purchased home. The previously used (salt) water softener was removed and sent back to the rental company. I had forgotten about this until just this weekend (January 2008) when I was visiting him and asked about the water conditioner. He stated that other than some minor whitish (soap or calcium or both) visible on glassware from the automatic dishwasher, that everything else was clear from any scale and did not experience any typical blockages. He was very happy with the system he told me!

Asking when he last checked it and took a water sample, he replied never. We went downstairs to the (gas) water heater and using a clean white bucket opened the water heater drain valve and drained off about a gallon an a half of water. Considering that we are in one of the hardest water area's of the country with a hardness up to 780 ppm depending on where you are located and from what well the water is drawn from, I was expecting to find the lower portion of the water heater loaded with a sandy/gritty scale that could easily be drained out. Instead, to my utter surprise, there wasn't so much as a grain found! The water flowed crystal clear!

By all means, you are welcome to contact me.

Best regards,

Tony Prior

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