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Telemetry/SCADA/Automation in water supply -- examples

I want to know the details of Telemetry/SCADA/Automation works done on long water transmission lines and Regional Water Supply Schemes in India.

Gopalakrishnan P




In Bangalore Cauvery Water Supply Scheme Stage IV Phase I, where water is drawn from more than 100 Kms.,with 3 stage pumping involves telemetry, SCADA, Automation for the treatment plant, pumping station. Similarly recently in Mumbai Telemetry, SCADA and Automation is introduced for water supply schemes. If more details are required, the respective heads of the department of BWSSB and Bruhath Mumbai Nagarapalika may be contacted.

Now a days many of the water supply schemes in the country are contemplating for the above 3 aspects. Recently Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage board has installed SCADA, Automation and also telemetry for its new scheme Krishna Water Phase II.


ex-Chief Engineer, BWSSB



where can i get the detailed report of water scada in bombay or banglore?
my firm is into water scada and i am very much intreasted in learning all about water scada.

thanking you,

Ravi Kiran.D

3. Water SCADA

Dear Sir, 

We are an organisation based in Malaysia, currently working on Water SCADA. We have just recently completed one of the largest Water SCADA projects in South East Asia in a record time of 8 months. We installed over 250 RTU's, complete with the Master Station. This project is has been completed and is currently under the required defect liability period. We have over own RTU's and also modem that are developed to reduce operation cost. These RTU's are communicating via GPRS. The unique aspect of the project is we are doing monitoring and controlling. 

We would like to see the possibility of working with organisation on projects in India. Please advice us if you are keen.

Thank you

Ajit Johl



Dear Sir , May i know your contact details ,need to learn few more queries

5. we have to our credit

we have to our credit automation of complete city water treatment and supply systems based on GPRS, RF and VSAT communication systems with SCADA and PLC based RTU systems installed at various locations for water pumping, distribution, transmission and treatment facilities in metro and non metro locations across India.

we would be glad to attend to your queries if any

anoop nambiar


6. Which tech to use in SCADA ? GPRS or VSAT or leased lines?

Which technology is good to adopt for SCADA - VSAT or GPRS or leased line?


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