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LCPD for WTP and STP design

How can I calculate the total water consumption for a person in urban area condition for WTP and STP plant design



1. Please see the response to

Please see the response to another question: which should give you useful information

Vijay Krishna

India Water Portal


for a person 135 lt/day: 90- domestic purpose, 45- flushing


Dear Sir

We need to know whether this is a metro city /non metro. Whether there is proper sewer lines or not.

In case of non -metro - 135 Lpcd holds good.
In case of Metro - 150 lpcd.

In case it is for a Villa / gate property with duplex/multi level construction style - then it is better u go for 200 LPCD, (devoid of bath tub)

90% of total water supplied can be taken as a sewage.


V.V.GIRI, C.O.O GREEN SOLUTIONS (INDIA ) PVT LIMITED , 0422-2540546,9443704852.

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