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Handover of STP plant - documenation and knowledge transfer

Hello Friends,

                 I am working as a WTP&STP plant supervisor in Saudi arabia. Now our stp plant is in erection and going to commisioning within this week. In this position I am only the person to take handover. But I never before have taken handover from any erection companies. I want to know what are the documents I have to take from the company like process parameters, technical data, manuals etc.  Please give me complete details,

Thanking you

Sheik Mohamed

Tamilnadu, India




I do not envy you. But with a little effort, you will be able to take over.

First, go through the entire documents on the process adopted, the equipment sizing. Check if the same are provided and whether it still under warranty.

Then, take all catalogues and know how to test the various equipment for their performance parameters. Sometimes, the equipments may be performing at their top end and continuous duty at top end results in an early break down.
A motor must run at 65% to 80% of it's amperage capacity. If it is running at 90%, you will have a problem sooner than later.

Also check if the desired outlet results are verified. Please be careful to know the spares and exhaustible items like activated carbon, cartridge filters etc.

Taral Vaidya
Akar Impex



- Observe the performance & efficiency of all the equipments.
- Get thorough knowledge about the process.
- Try to know what should be done in adverse conditions
- Collect all the mechanical suppliers details
- Note all the critical spares required for one year.



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