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How to identify good borewell drilling points

How can I identify groundwater points/location for drilling borewell; as well the approximate depth ?  I want to drill a at Bangalore Rural Nelamangala area. Water diviners use sticks, copper ring, coconut etc., to identify the source. Which of these is reliable and believable. Is there a scientific way like hydro-geology or  satellite mapping available for us common people in Bangalore area. In our case they used sticks and we did not get water at both points shown by 2 water diviners. We drilled 450 feet and 600 feet respectively and failed both points. They had promised water availability of about 3000 gallons at 350 feet and 500 feet respectively.  I guess this could be a question in many peoples' mind. So can someone provide an answer helping people like me, by saving cost of borewell drilling at wrong places/points.

Rajkumar R R



1. AFPRO, Bangalore

Dear Rajkumar,

As rightly pointed out by you, the traditional water divining techniques are not very reliable as it depends very much on the experience/skills of the individual diviner. In these circumstances, it is better to go for geo-physical surveys which are based on scientific method. In Bangalore, AFPRO, which is a technical support organization conducts such studies. You may contact them for help at the following address;

Unit Manager
AFPRO Field Unit - II
56, 6th Cross, Hutchins Road
St. Thomas Town
BANGALORE - 560 084
Phone: 080-25461711/12
Email:, afpro2@gmail.c


Ramesh Sakthivel WES-Net India


Dear Raj Kumar
Yes there are scientific methods to identify ground water sources in the hard rock terrain. If ground water exploration is carried out with detail hydrogeological study and geophysical survey then ground water sources can be easily be identified in the hrad rock terrian. Agencies like CGWB, state ground water departments and AFPRO are engaged in these activities


This will probably be dispointing, but the fact is that no person using any kind of equipment can gurantee 100% availability of groundwater. Non scientific diviners as we know them, sometimes due to their intuition have proved to be very acurate in their judgement.

On the other hand scientific surveyers, using Earth resistivity equipment and being able to interpret the data can reduce the risk to a certain extent. But then the estimation of the quantum of water is pure speculation and coincides with the yield in the surrounding wells.

If the local aquifer ( water bearing zone) is within 60-70 meters and is localized within fractures and lineaments, then carrying out and Electromagnetic survey would be very useful.

Use of satellite etc can be used only on regional scale not for individual cases.

However, if the piece of land is small and you do not have to much of a choice, then i would just go ahead and drill at a location which is convenient. This is because even people using scientific survey equipment many a time are really incapable of proper interpration of the field data that they collect.

Dr. Anil Lalwani
Former Proprietor Well & Water Works, Pune India


Dear Raj Kumar,
I have helped many of my friends and relatives over 10 years in finding water for them. I can tell whether your site has water or not and can locate the place to drill.
I have not gone into this professionally but I can assure that I am quite successful.
You may kindly contact me if interested. My email id is

5. How to identify good borewell drilling points

I am going to buy a land near sojat, in Pali district, Rajasthan. Would like to 1st get concrete information about availability of water in that area?

Kindly reply.

Vickram Singh

6. systematic hydrogeological,geophysical surveys for borewell

Usually each state has a good database of borewells, aquifers, etc.

Check borewells nearest to your area and that would help answer your questions. In the absence of such data, a systematic hydrogeological,geophysical  surveys can be definitive.  Of course, they can be expensive.

7. How to check borewell drill point?


How can I check the drilling point for borewell?

8. Bore 850 ft in Bangalore but no water source-What should I do?


I have dug a borewell more than 850 feet deep near T.C.Palya, K R Puram in Bangalore. Even after going this deep I have not found water source, what should I do now?


I have been able to locate borewell points without failure, by using traditional method. Ground water lies in many streams. You have to locate atleast two streams and if the bore is dug at their crossing, the bore is a sure success. I have located water points in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Gujarat. Presently I am staying at Ahmedabad. Any one who needs help may contact me at

10. Need help finding borewell point for farm

Please help me drill a borewell point in my farm.

Vikram Desai (09879000087 )

11. Need help to find borewell point in Kasargod district, Kerala

Need information on how to find a good borewell point in my land at Kasargod district, Kerala

12. Need help to find borewell point in Mahabubnagar district, AP


We have drilled 10 borewells and all of them have failed in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh.

Need information/help on how to find presence of groundwater to dig a borewell.

13. Share contact details for identification of water diviner


I read your message. I too am searching for a water diviner for my land near Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu. Please share your contact details so that we can get in touch to see if we can together figure out a way .


Dear Rajkumar,

Your area does have water yielding fractures at deeper as well as medium depth ranges.

It is possible to find high yielding bore well sites adopting suitable methodology of the Geophysical methods. Only problem is the cost and the your will that you have in getting the proper personal / institution that uses the state of art technology.

For example in Oil and Gas exploration for many years, When ONGC was under government Control and even other wise also could not find any deeper deposits. Now you see, the Reliance has the perseverance and they were able to get appropriate institute / personal and equipment to pin point and estimate the quantum. They not only helped benefit them selves but also to ease the economic growth of country. After the find how even the government is trying to share the resources.

It is similar in your case, it is water may be for drinking or Agriculture or otherwise. Before the failed bore wells if you would have put your requirement here you would have probably saved the wasteful expenditure.

Your problem is a site specific one and normally to the possibility of existence of water below your well down to a reasonable depth, we need to conduct resistivity profiling with intervals of may be one meter or 2 meter distance with an optimum current separation distance. the presents of solution channels at depth or the presence of fractures /joints associated with regional disturbance can be found from the Resistivity lows and a multiple electrode spread will possibly reflect the details.

Get the land investigated by grid method of profiling with station interval of 10 meters and grid interval of about 20 meters, since your area is situated in a hard rock country. An able and experienced consultant may be able trace out the vertical or horizontal joints by conducting VES at site in each and every Apparent Resistivity low that get reflected in the Resistivity profiling. Though it is idle one if not one can conduct VES in a grid pattern and draw fence diagram and find out the possibility of existing structural disturbances at depth. Again he can confirm the findings by additionally conducting Vertical electrical soundings at the indicated spots.

There may be water bearing fractures below the depth of even 500 fee depths, since I have located water bearing fractures successfully in massive hard rocks below the depth ranges of between 1000 and 1200 feet in Tirupur / Coimbatore and in hard rock that occurs as basement below sedimentary zones in Sivagangai and Devakottai, Pudukkottai, “Thoothukudi areas of Tamil Nadu, Nagpur areas of Maharashtra.

In your area I understand that below massive hard rock there will be deep seated fractures as your area is sitated in a structurally distrubed zone and hence Geohydrologically it is possible to strike water. However, please note, while conducting profiling, kindly insist the consultant Hydrogeologist or Geophysicist to have spread length sufficiently greater that AB/2 = more than 200 meters and additionally and simultaneously with 100 meters and 50 meters spreads.

You may use the Google web site to find the consultancy firms or you may contact the IGIS, Hyderabad, NGRI, any other Government department or AFPRO but they should use the high resolution equipment that picks up signal from deeper zone from long electrode spread.

I honestly feel that if the study is done like that described above, you will positively get water bearing and yielding fractures.

Hence please find consultancy firms that has appropriate instruments / equipments and experience personal and get your area Geophysically studied for finding source.

A. Raja Mohamed Ambalam
Coastal Energy Private Limited



Dear Mr.Rajkumar,
Sorry you met with failure by drilling bore wells. Yes you can positively get good yield by systematic hydrogeological and geoelectrical investigations conducted by experienced hydrogeologist. A detailed hydrogeological investigation followed by geoelectrical survey- resistivity profiling and Vertical electrical sounding to be carried out using advanced microprocessor based high resolution digital resistivity meters. By this method you can exactly pinpoint the location for drilling, the depth to be drilled etc can be finalised.

If the area is not feasible to go in for bore wells the experienced hydrogeologists will not recommend any points just like that.

All the best for your success.

T.S.Badrinarayanan, Geoscientist, B Square Geo Tech Services, 97-Agraharam street,Kollidam-609102, Sirkali taluk, nagai district, tamilnadu.
Ph-04364 277567, Cell-94430 46102.


The pain point is that there are private org who do this work commercially but give no guarantee for water. I have spent around Rs 30 K and drilled upto 300 ft, my service provider was Aqua PMP in Adyar, Chennai. But no use, only pain and frustration.

I live in Chitlapakkam, Chennai 60064. I have spoken to Mr Raja Mohamed earlier but could not get him to visit my place. You will not believe that I have 5 borewells with none giving me water during summer in Chennai. I have tried local diviners (non-scientific) and now scientific also proved to be of no use.

I think having the some of the educated people in this site, can this site publish names of those organisation who this group of learned people believe do realistic work and are qualified.

I am a engineer myself and still feel that technology and science are just not available for providing service to public in this field.

17. Get in touch with me, I can visit Chitlapakkam

Dear Er. Sadanand G.

Sorry for your frustration. From 2008 till 2010 I was a little busy with hectic tours and camps here as well as abroad and hence I was unable to visit any site be it  in Chennai or elsewhere. Now I am little relaxed.

I can visit Chitlapakkam and try my best to help you. Please contact me over mail or call me at 9443619352

With best wishes,
A. Raja Mohamed


18. How to find the right point of water source to drill a borewell?


How to find the right point of water source to drill a borewell?

19. Were you able to find bore point, please share your experience

Dear Er. Sadanand G.

Namaste! I like to know how was the visit of Mr.Raja Mohamed Ambalam geophysicist. I hope you have been able to locate the borewell point with his help. He has given a very detailed scientific information for borewell site analyses. All the farmer wish to hear your experience to learn and it will benefit all people facing difficult in finding borewell point.

With Regards

20. Borewell dry, Hullati sector, Karnataka

My name is Lawrence D'souza We have a farm house at Haliyal Taluk in Karware Dist of Karnataka. It is near Dharwad (from my place Dharwad is exactly 30 k.m). We have drilled six bore wells, but 5 are dry and we have got in one borewell 2 inches of water. But near my land many farmers have drilled bore and they got good water. We have sugarcane plantation and that water is not enough for it.
Please guide us on how to find a water source and where to drill. Please give some reference or contact number to guide us. Please reply as early as possible. I have also given you my land's geographical map details where u can find our land. (Martin D'souza farm house Hullati sector 80)

21. My experience-cant depend on water divining

Dear friends,

I found from my experience, that water divining was not dependable, either from non scientific people or scientific people.

Recently i.e in 2011 one diviner had shown 6 points in my cousins plot of 20 acres using a copper V shaped rod, in spite of digging upto 300 ft all of them turned out be utter failures and the diviner's guess had totally failed. I was also surprised about how he divines and gets awards. I found the work of the diviner totally unsatisfactory, he does not scan the whole area, he just starts anywhere and comes out with a point within a few feet from where he starts the process looks totally ridiculous. He charges Rs 4000/- per point, irrespective of its success.

Future users of his service be warned. In my cousins plot after all the failures one labour from his farm wanted to try out  his divining powers, we gave a chance to him and surprisingly the point shown by that labour turned out to be successful yielding full water. It is difficult to depend on the diviners sometimes they succeed sometimes they do not, it may be a chance as per statistical probability.

Regarding the scientific methods, I, being an electronic engineer, I understand what is meant by resistivity technique or echo sounding technique. As per my knowledge the resistivity depends on many factors like type of soil i.e the conductivity of the different soil layers, so is the case of echo method where any change in soil layer can give echo. So how can one find the yield? At the most we can find the soil/rock layers but no way to find the yield!

May be a fast low dia drill technology has to develop which can be part of the rig, which should first explore before drilling the full dia (6 inch) hole.

If any true diviner worth his salt offers services, they have to charge only if the bore is successful as per their prediction. They can charge more, no problem, but if the drill fails the diviner has to pay a compensation to the consumer for his loss of drill charges. Is there any such person or institute? If any such agency exists please let us know, even I can do my bit of marketing them.

Technocrat farmer

22. Waterdiviners are fake-Consider these points while drilling bore

Hi all,

As far as my opinion and beliefs are concerned, water diviners are fake, but the problem with the people who think somebody can find water using their unique powers is that the probability of success is always same, independent of whether you are locating the borewell point on your own or with some experienced one.

I don't know about scientific methods, still I hope it is difficult to locate the amount of water availability.

Hence my recommendation is,

1) Study carefully the average water availability, average borewell depth and maximum successful borewell depth in the area
2) Select multiple points in your field, which are away from existing borewells and away from each other
3) Start with the most suitable point as per your judgement drill in between average to maximum depth
4) If all the points are not working, don't try further in the area since there may be no water. You can check the borewells during/after rainy season for water availability
5) Protected borewells can be used for water harvesting during rainy season to improve water content in the area

I am not an expert in this, hence it is not necessary you have to follow the above mentioned points, but you can consider them. You are your best judge.

All the best.

I am proud to be a farmer than an engineer


23. I am proud to be a farmer - Please give me your contact number

Sir, I liked your statement very much. Even I believe that farming is the need of the hour. Please give me your contact details so that I can call and enhance my knowledge.

24. Can I expect to find water in basalt rock on a hill slope?

I am planning to drill a borewell at my farm near Pat village, Mandangad, Maharashtra. My farm is located on the slope of a hill & there it has hard/basalt rock after approx 5-10 mtrs. Can I expect to find water in basalt rock on a hill slope?

Paritosh K.

25. Contact us for info for digging bores in Pat region, Maharashtra

Yes its possible that there are some successful borewell in Pat village, Maharashtra in sloppy basalt.

If you want more information on this please contact on

26. How to identify good borewell drilling points?Thane Rural Dahanu

How can I identify groundwater points/location for drilling borewell as well the approximate depth? 

I want to drill a at Thane Rural Dahanu area. Water diviners use sticks, copper ring, coconut etc., to identify the source. Which of these are reliable and believable? Is there a scientific way like hydro-geology or satellite mapping available for common people like us in the Thane rural area?

In our case, they used sticks and we did not get water at eight points shown by 8 water diviners. We drilled 450 feet to 600 feet respectively and all points failed. They had promised water availability of about 3000 gallons at 350 feet and 500 feet respectively. 

I guess this would be a question in many peoples' mind. So can someone provide an answer, helping people like me, to save the cost of borewell drilling at wrong places/points.


27. Bore should be drilled at the intersection of 2 g/w streams

It is very sad to hear that all the borewells failed in your case. This is because the person has not been able to identify (pin-point) the exact spot for drilling. It is my experience that even a foot distance makes a lot of difference.

Recently, I had helped many farmers at Rohishala village in Botad Taluka in Bhavnagar Dist. in Gujarat. Many had earlier experiences of failed borewells. In almost all such cases I had found that there was water just a foot away from the drilled place. Later I had located spots in the same fields and they have found good source of water. I did not have any failures.

The villagers can vouch for this. Please contact Mr. Prakashbhai -; Mob.8980885566. Mr. Prakashbhai has shot a video of the drilling at his field.

An efficient water diviner should be able to identify at least two ground water streams. The bore should be drilled at the intersecting point. It is not an easy task.  Only an experienced water diviner can do the work.

I have been getting enquiries from various places. But am unable to meet requirements of everyone, due to preoccupation.

I may visit Thane sometime. Please keep in touch.

With regards,
P. Ramanujan

28. Need assistance to locate ground water in Vasai, Thane dist.

We are members of a building society in Vasai West, Thane District. We are interested in drilling a borehole within our compound, but need assistance to determine an aquifer before drilling.

Should you be in a position to assist, do contact me through phone or email, both given. You may even give me anyone else's contact details should it not be possible to attend.

Thanks & regards,

Mobile: 7875078317

29. Mr. Ramanujan, Where are you located ?

Dear Mr. Ramanujan,
Where are you located ?


30. Only an experienced water diviner can identify (pin-point)


I completely agree with you on this. We recently had a diviner who used coconut to indicate the intersection of two streams and even though I was sceptical, he proved me wrong as the water that gushed out at 350 ft was with immense pressure. I am not sure if this was purely by odds or chance but cannot be ignored. He (Diviner) has had a very high success rate.



31. Need help to identify water source to drill borewell in AP


I have 40 acres of land and need help to find water source to drill a borewell in Andhra Pradesh.


32. Help needed to locate bore point in a farm in Maharashtra


I have a farm in Maharashtra. Just a month back we drilled a borewell in our farm (approx 275 ft). The point was located by water diviner. Holding a coconut in his hand he walked throughout the farm. Water was found at the suggested point but was not sufficient.

My father is insisting that we drill one more bore in the same farm, but the point is my father's choice. We have already spent more than Rs.20,000. I cant oppose my father, but want to help him in his second drill. Can anyone give me a sure shot point. Would be extremely grateful.


33. Need advice on borewell drilling - Mangapatnam village


I am planning to drill a borewell at my farm near Mangapatnam village, Muddanur Mangal, Kadapa dist, Andhra Pradesh. My farm is located in the plains, hard, dry land with black soil.
2 ft to 5 ft black soil
5 to 10 ft loose soil (ie. hard sand with stones)
10 ft to 30 ft beluku (white flats)

Bayapu Reddy

34. 3 borewell points suggested by geologists failed so far


I am from Kodagu district, South Karnataka. In my area the ground water level is very deep and is mainly composed of hard rock.

I am unable to get a good bore point and three times I have failed in locating water source. The points were suggested by geologists and it was of no use as I got only one and half inch of water. What can I do now? Please help me out in this regard.

35. Will borewells be successful in Kuttanad region of Kerala?

I would like to know whether borewells will be successful in Kuttanad region of Kerala? For example, a place like Alappuzha where there is not much rock beneath.

36. Looking for a hydro-geologist in and around Hyderabad

We have a farm land of 60 acres 80km away from Hyderabad towards Warangal. We are planning to drill around 3 to 4 bores. We are looking for good hydrogeologist in and around of Hyderabad. Please provide contact info.

37. Need help with a few doubts about water availability in my home

I have a few questions and am hoping someone can answer them for me.

1. I am located at about 100 ft from a lake (not very clean though) are the chances better to find water here? If so, how do I go about it.

2. I have an open well and for the past 20 yrs it has never gone dry. I use about 1500 liters of it to water my plants. Can I use this water for washing purposes, or even drinking? If, so what is the simplest and inexpensive way of doing so?

3 If I do opt to drill a bore, is there a chance for me to drill down through the open well?

4. If I do so, will the open well dry out?

Could someone help with answers or contacts of people who could help?

Thanks so very much.


38. Water divining - watch my video on youtube

Please see my video uploaded on YouTube under the title 'Coimbatore Water Diviner.G.Thiagharajan,Senior Geologist' (

39. Excellent job!

I saw your video.Very informative and you have presented your methods very well. Your method is scientific.
What is your success ratio? Did you always get the predicted levels? In which all places this method may not be useful, such as near sea where the conductivity could be more?

Bala Neeraje

40. Water divining by dowsing and electrical resistivity method

Dear Mr.Bala Neeraje

You asked is it possible near coastal area, actually it very easy to identify fresh water zone areas because the fresh water will always have very high resistance when it is compared with sea water. So it very easy to identify by electrical resistivity method. It is also possible by dowsing method.

41. Need quote for drilling a bore in Andhra, Chittoor district

Hi Sir,

I request you to send me the quote for one point for drilling borewell. Is there any discount if it fails? I need your contact details and availability schedule.

42. High tension electricity cable passing near point

High tension electricity cable is passing near the site and we are not able to dig. The bore point is near the NE, it is showing 25ft away from the boundary. What should we do?

43. 2 borewells dug but no water in both - Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

Dear all,

I have dug two borewell in Dindigul district in Tamilnadu up to a depth of 120 feet each. But in vain as I was unable to get water.

These water points were detected by local water diviners. As the soil in my place is a combination of black soil and red soil, after reaching red soil area the drilling machine was unable to drill further.

Kindly suggest whether to go for a well or continue with the same bore or to go for a new one.

Rajendra Kumar.K.C.

44. Drill deeper to find water

You have drill deep, may be 750 to 1000 ft to get water.

45. Need data on water quality and water levels near NITK, Surathkal


I am planning to dig a borewell near NITK, Surathkal, Karnataka. This area is about 500 mts from sea shore.

Refer to 'Padre'

There are dug wells in this area yielding 60-70ft. But what I am afraid of is, deeper down water quality (could be salty) may be affected by the sea near by. So, if any body can point out whether any data is available on water quality and water levels in this area, it would be extremely helpful for me.


Bala Neeraje

46. Regarding - Water divining and electrical resistivity survey

Dear Mr.Bala Neeraje,
The sea water intrusion is depending up on the stratigraphy of the particular area. General data will give general opinion of that vicinity. How ever, the electrical resistivity survey must be conducted to analyze your place regarding the formation under neath. Then only the fresh water depth and sea water intrusion can be justified.

Thank you,
With best regards

47. We do water survey - Contact us

We are from Tirupur - Coimbatore and we do water survey (geo-telectrical investigation) for drilling of bore wells.

Conatct Mani, Everest Corporation, 093677 39445 098942 55508

48. Need guidence for water testing?

Kindly tell me how to conduct a water test. Is it scientific based? Please write to me regarding what methods are conducted for water test and how efficient it is in establishing successful bore point.

What are the charges for water test?


49. Looking for scientific diviners to find out bore point in Kodad


I am looking for scientific diviners to find out exact bore well points in Kodad, Andhra Pradesh, Please let me know the details [].



50. Borewell site selection by water dowsing & electrical resistivty

I am a Geologist. I worked as Assistant Director (Geology)and retired from my service. Now I am doing consultancy service in ground water investigation and bore well site selection by water dowsing and electrical resistivity method. I am having more than 37 years of experience in this field.

The success rate of my investigation is limited to 90% by nature's secret. I had up loaded a video in you tube regarding the way in which I am selecting the bore well site in deep water zone areas.

Please see my video uploaded on YouTube under the title 'Coimbatore Water Diviner.G.Thiagharajan,Senior Geologist' (

I hope this will give some idea regarding the site selection for bore well.

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