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Sewage Treatment Plant - options

Please advise which is the best system for 250KLD sewage water treatment plant. Packaged type Sewage Treatment Plant based on SAFF technology or ACME ?

what are operating & construction cost for both ? which is more cheaper in maintanance & in operation.

Gopang Dave





I think that Packaged type STP based on moving bed bio reaction shall be best. The plant shall be mechanically fabricated and be of dimensions 12m x 2m x 2.4m. The total area required shall be 14m x 8m including civil works.

Operation cost shall be Rs. 5 per cum and construction costs shall be Rs. 10 lacs for civil and Rs. 25 lac for mechanical.

Visit us at for better information and call us for more details.
for better information and call us for more details.

Taral Vaidya
Akar Impex, New Delhi


1.Most manufacturers make STPs of the package type with capacities upto 500kld and more.

2.Acronyms like ACME, SAFF,etc are just those used by the manufacturers to denote specific features incorporated into the the design of the STP to increase throughput and efficiency/reduce the overall space required for installing an STP.Basically all such STPs are based on the time tested Activated Sludge Process.

If Mr.Dave would like to get a system installed,I could inform a person from Ion Exchange to call on him if I get his contact details/address.


Advisor, Ion Exchange


There are so many ways of treating Sewage Waste. The answer would come naturally if you first decide on what you want to do and not on what technology you may have heard of.
Do you have a shortage of space
Do you customers and clients visiting (who would not like to have any odour)
Are you planning to locate this in basement or above ground level
How do you plan to dispose the treated wastewater. If you have a HVAC system can you use treated water for make up water.

For some solutions visit

Or you may mail me with further details

Keshav Agarwal


Try SBR technology which is compact and easy to use. Far more efficient than other extended aeration technologies.

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