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RWH in hilly area with stream

I live in Mombar, Pacherisada;  Jila:Ratnagiri  ;  Taluka Gohagar; District Maharashtra. My farm & residence are in a centre of a hilly area. We have water problems through-out the year and especially during summer. Ours is a rocky terrain. We have a narrow stream of river which is about 45mins from our location. During the summer we have to fill water using a small bowl. The flow is that slow. Please guide me as to the best efficient method and low costing method of harvesting water for domestic & farming purpose.

Shankar Pandey




Since the flow in the stream is very low, constructing water harvesting structures like check dam/earthen barrier can be taken up to store water in the river itself if the width of the river is narrow and you have the required finances.

If this not possible, the water may have to be diverted to a low lying area (if the river banks are not very high) where it can be stored in dug-out ponds, preferably lined to reduce percolation losses. Plastic sheets can be used for lining if the quantity required is less.

Another option is to have a small well close to the river and divert the water into it from where it can be pumped to the place you want to.


Ramesh Sakthivel
WES-Net India


I have discussed the subject of 'In Situ' rain water harvesting in high rain fall areas, like the one you have mentioned, in my book " Water Harvesting and Sustainable Supply in India', published by Centre for Environment Education , Ahmedabad and M/s. Rawat Brothers, New Delhi.

I have given the example of a place near Malwan, a place which is not far from your location. I have also offered some suggestions for augmenting discharge from a local spring, in the same chapter.

In addition, you can also construct a check dam as suggested by Shri Sakthivel .

Retired Emeritus scientist, CSIR.

3. Want to promote the idea of rain water harvesting in rural areas

We are students who want to promote the idea of rain water harvesting in rural areas with a low budget. Suggestions are welcome

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