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1MLD Sewage treatment plant -- size, cost ?

What is the Cost and Area required for 1 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant ?

Mrunmayi Dhawad





We have some basic data on natural decentralised wwt plant applying DEWATS principle.
One such system is operational at CSE, New Delhi and another at Vasant Vihar MCD Nursery, New Delhi.
The working data we use as below:
CSE plant 10 kl per day costs Rs.2.0Lakhs Area around 150sqm
Vasant Vihar plant 30kl p day is Rs. 8.0 Lakhs Area around 400sqm
A design for 1000kl p day can be proporionately deduced, the good point in these designs are that it is cost/energy effective and no major power requirement. And all remediation chambers can be made green with plants/foliage etc.
It does not get switched off on power failure etc.It is ideal as recycled water can be put to use for lower end requirements. The system adopts a principle of nature care and care for nature. All the best.

Er. Ajit Seshadri
Vigyan Vijay Foundation, New Delhi

Er. Ajit Seshadri,Head- Environment, The Vigyan Vijay Foundation


These days, you must ask for cost of plant based on the technology as well as specify which costs; capital or recurring.

Extended aeration plant with good specs shall cost about 70 lacs; civil, mech. & elec total.
MBBR shall be about 90 lacs all inclusive.

Extended aeration plant shall occupy more space and consume more power. Say, Rs. 6.5 per cum is operating cost and area shall be about 1000 sqm.

MBBR shall cost about Rs. 5.0 per cum and occupy about 300 sqm area.

Both have own advantages and disadvantages.

Taral Vaidya
Akar Impex Ltd. New Delhi



In case you have not still finalised the system.

1) The civil work cost will be around 60 Lacs.

2) System cost will be around 18-20 lacs.

3) Operations cost will be around 27000 per month .

4) Land requirment is around Length - 25 M and Breadth - 6-8 M, depth / height - 3-3.25 M.

5) NO of aerators required - 1.5 Hp , 10 Nos, to be energised for around 12-16 hrs , but continously over 24 hrs.

6) Bio-Augumenter needed - around 2-3 Kg at Rs 4000 per kg.

7) No sludge , no odour.



Using ecotechnology, the area requirement for 1 MLD will be about 1000 sq. m. Ecotechnology is advanced ecological treatment using combination of green plants and microbes to reduce the cost of electricity required for biodegradation of pollutants. The civil cost would be budgeted as Rs. 30 lakhs and filtration medium ecofert with culture would be of about Rs. 40 lakhs only. As per previous experiences, there is no requirement of pretreatment except screening of non-biodgradables from wastewater.

These systems absorb diurnal variations and shockloads comparatively better than conventional biological systems or sophisticated mechanistic systems.

Sandeep Joshi
Environment Technologist

5. Cost of 450 KLD Plant

Can somebody give me an approximate costing on a 450 KLD plant based on SBR system.

6. Need advice on packaged STP design on SBR process

Hello Sir,

Please suggest the area requirement and approximate cost for packaged STP of capacity 1.4 MLD. The technology used for packaged STP is 'sequential batch reactor'. The MOC for the tank should be RCC.

Thanking you in advance.
Mangesh Jamgade

7. Sewage treatment facility for an industrial estate in Mumbai

Dear Sir,

I wish to install a sewage treatment facility for an industrial estate located in Mumbai, having about 500 people working. Need answers to a few questions. Please advise, even if in part:

  1. How does one estimate the capacity required for a sewage treatment facility?
  2. What is the smallest installable capacity for such facilities?
  3. What is the cost to install, run and maintain such a facility?
  4. Are there any energy benefits that can be reaped practically?
  5. Are odors generated? If yes, how do we eliminate them?
  6. Who are the suppliers of plant equipment for such a facility?
  7. Are there maintenance agencies for them, if yes, what are their names?
  8. Are there any carbon credits to be earned? If yes, who gets it and from whom?
  9. How usable is the recycled water from such a facility?

8. STP for 500 people - Please contact us

Dear Mr. Kailash,

We appreciate your curiosity about recycling water by means of sewage treatment systems. Can you provide me your mail id/contact details to reply you in detail along with a technical proposal covering all of your queries. We are delivering a similar kind of plant based on fixed film principle in Jamshedpur for 3500 persons.

Sandeep K Tiwari
TSE Environment, New Delhi

9. Please give me an idea on the STP area & cost

We are planning a STP for a population of 3500. This is divided into zones with approx. 700 - 900 occupants in each zone. Request to share the area and cost of each STP (fixed film)

Sunil B

10. Kindly, forward your query to my email ID

Dear Mr. Sunil,

It's great that you are planning out for a sewage treatment scheme. Kindly, forward your query to my email ID ( I shall reply you with required details for budgetary decisions.

Sandeep K Tiwari
Head Consultant - Environment
TSE Environment

11. Contact us for details on sewage treatment plant

Dear Sir,
Pls contact me at the below address:

Pankaj Upadhyay
Eco Water Solutions Technologies(p) Ltd.
B-83,Okhla Phase -1,
New Delhi

12. Want to install STP for 1000 people living in an apartment

I want to install a sewage treatment plant which will be suitable for 1000 people in apartments. How much will it cost? Any suggestions?

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