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Wastewater treatment plant -- area and indicative cost

What would be the approximate area required and indicative cost for a 200 KLD waste water treatment plant ? Raw water is domestic effluent. Treated water is to be used for cooling / circulation purposes. Reversis osmosis is not considered.




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The approximate area for a complete system of treatment for domestic effluent of 200 KLD including sewage will be: 1. I f we consider sewage treatment plant (Space for Sewage Treatment Plant can be decided on the basis of type of sewage treatment plant selected) followed by 2. Pressure filtration further followed by 3. Activated carbon filtration along with some chemical dosing systems. All of it to prevent the fouling in the cooling water system will take around 40 x 25 Meters.

Aniruddh Gupta,
Water Digest Technical Expert & Sr.
Engineer – PSE Doosan Engineering & Services India Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Mr.Chandran,

We reply to your query as under:

The approximate area required for a 200 cum/day plant shall be 10m x 8m. The plant shall be ADBR packaged sewage treatment plant. The cost including civil, mechanical, electrical shall be about 35 lacs. The plant shall use about 20 hp of electricity. Water shall be used for cooling application by adding a softener. You shall be able to get about 180 cum soft water from the plant for the cooling towers.

Please contact us at: or . We are waiting.

Taral Kumar.
Akar Impex, New Delhi


Dear K.G.Chandran,

• Many thanks for expressing your problems to us for some remedial procedures:

• We can give the info for the wwt-plant when the basic parameters of the typical waste water is made available

• What is the industry process and what is discharged generally with the used-water.

• Please fill-up the attached questionnaire and return it to us. Down load the questionnaire at click here

With well wishes from Vigyanvijay,

Ajit Seshadri

Vigyan Vijay Foundation, New Delhi


Dear Chandran,

· A 200 kld sewage treatment plant would cost approximately Rs.35 to 40 lacs (strictly a budgetary price).

· It would occupy an area of approx 25mX 25m.This area does not include the space required for a sewage inflow balancing tank.

Feel free to ask any clarifications you want on this subject.



Consultant - Total Water Management




In case you are still looking for a solution we can help. My mail id -

For a 200000 lpd.

Length wise - 20 M , Breadth - 5 M , depth / height - 3.00 M

No of aerators - at 1.5.HP- 4 , Pumps - Sumbersible slurry - 2 nos - 3 Hp, (1 stand by), .6Hp-2 ,(1 stand by) energy consumed only for 6 hours over a 24 hour period, aerators running 12-16 / 24 hours. Operational cost around 15000 p.m

No sludge in the system, no odour at all.





Sorry , i did not mention any thing on the fixed cost .

Civil - 15 Lacs. Elec/Mech /Biological - 8-9.5 Lacs.



8. Current cost and required area for 5kld


I will be glad if anyone can give me information about the water treatment plant and its estimated cost, land requirements in Chandigarh/Ambala region.

Thanks and regards


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