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Companies involved in water and sanitation services

I am interested in learning about companies that are playing a constructive role in improving the clean drinking and sanitary water supplies in India.  I read a lot about the criticism of Coca Cola, Veolia and other multi-nationals, but am interested in Indian companies that are profiting from providing the products and services needed by Indians.  I have been actively investing in companies that do this in China, but have found it much more difficult to support Indian companies.  Any suggestions you can provide me will be greatly appreciated.


David Ladensohn

The Water Fund, LLC




Dear David,

We are a company providing Water and Wasterwater treatment plants in India, the SAARC countries and the Gulf. I hope that we are playing a constructive role in improving the drinking water quality and catering to the sanitation needs of the country in general and our clients in particular.

Kindly go through to know more about us. I do not know the exact nature of your query. Please elaborate to enable me to contribute to your quest.

Taral Kumar
Akar Impex, New Delhi


Dear David,

The purpose of seeking information about the India companies is not clear from your question.

However, there are several companies involved in providing water and sanitation solutions. This includes companies promoted by Indian private sector as well as international companies.

In India, the primary water supply and sanitation services is mostly managed by the Government. However, these private companies are involved in constructing these facilities or producing various equipments required for these works. Bottled water, water and waste water treatment equipments (both domestic/public) and sanitary fittings/pipes are some of the major markets where private sector is doing well.

You may visit websites of various companies in India to get more information or contact CII or any other federation of industries to know more about the industries.

Y. Narasimiah
Training and Development Centre, Hyderabad


Dear Mr. David,

Provision of clean drinking and sanitary water in India offers a huge business opportunity because of many reasons but primarily due to following two basic reasons i.e.
i. lack of availability of water,
ii. suitable technology to make safe water available cost-effectively.

In the urban areas, this opportunity is exploited by private organized and unorganized sector by providing safe drinking water in bottles for Rs. 8-10/liter and the business is growing @ 18-20% per year. Likewise, huge business opportunity exists to provide safe drinking water to the rural markets located at areas without basic utilities like grid electricity, sanitation and health services.

To provide safe water at villages is now being resolved by some innovative Indian companies, organizations, self help groups and NGOs etc. by executing community based stand alone projects in the villages. These are owned, operated and managed by villagers. To make such projects self sustainable, water is sold to the villagers for a nominal amount, thus creating jobs for the local unemployed youth and providing safe water to help improve their health and improve their productivity.

More and more, organizations and entrepreneurs will be encouraged to execute such projects in semi-urban and rural areas provided loans are made easily and cheaply available to them. Such projects provide good return on their investments and hence bankers / financers could be assured of recovery of their dues and reasonable profits. These projects also help meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the UN and thus could be part funded by multilateral agencies and international development funds.

For example, Nedap is assisting NGOs to adopt villages to install their 'Naiade' - Solar Powered Drinking Water Disinfection System on self sustainable basis. The uniqueness of Naiade is that it neither needs grid power nor chemicals to disinfect water for 1000 people/day and is cost-effective to operate and maintain for over 10 years of its life. Information on Naiade attached for your kind perusal.


Er. M.P.S. (Mini) Puri



Dear David,

Ionic Water Technologies, Inc. is a US/UK/Latin America based water treatment technology company that is making move to enter the Indian water treatment market through joint-venture, licensing, and subsidiary formations. Our companies (IWT – USA and IWT S.A de C.V. – Mexico) own and manufacture the patented RCTS technology for the aeration of water. This high efficiency aerator is revolutionizing the water treatment industry through reduced operating and maintenance costs. We plan to be in operation in the India/China markets in 2008. For more information visit us at .


Matthew Setty
Ionic Water Technologies, Inc.


Dear David,

In response to the excessive expense of bottled water, unavailability of safe water, electric power and, often, solar energy for a billion people worldwide, we designed and patented (US awarded, India is pending) a portable hand powered purifier we call WaterSAFE (WS), capable of servicing several families, enabling safe water anywhere under any circumstances at exceptionally low cost per liter. As evidenced by the prime claims, the patent is generic regarding a hand powered ultraviolet light water purifier. The reactor efficacy has been computer verified by a leading water purification company.

Among others, M.P.S. (Mini) Puri, one of the responders to your question, has expressed enthusiasm for WS toward both India’s community based stand alone projects in villages and, of course, for its life saving capability worldwide. Mini is an outstanding contact for matters related to products exported from and imported to India.

We are seeking a patent exploitation partner (licensee or buyout). You can contact me ( for an introductory presentation package including a 3D rendering and text explanation. Other fully descriptive CAD drawings and technical data including a cost analysis (currently being updated) are available.


Lawrence Allen Bernstein


Dear David,

We have recently developed No smell public toilets and urinal kiosks for men.

A short presentation is available at

These are waterless units.

We are looking for funds to take this forward in a meaningful way. We have a trial order from Municipal Council, Ajmer for 14 urinals and 20 toilets. The response to the urinals has been very good in Ajmer. The response to toilets has not been not good at all so far but we believe that to be a failure of communication with the user and wrong location.

We would be happy to share more information should you be interested.

Best wishes.


Dear David,

It's good to learn how Water, a scarce resource globally, has started gaining a lot of importance in India as well.

I work for an international non-profit called PATH based in Seattle. I am directing the health technologies commercialisation portfolio in India. We have been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop different business models to proliferate low cost point of use water treatment technologies to BOP populations in Andhra Pradesh in India.

We are looking at sustainable business models and exploring collaboration opportunities with many private and development sector ( NGOs, Self elp Groups, Microfinance Institutions etc ) players to cover te last mile. However in doing so, we have realised that only houseold water treatment will not suffice the requirements of the community deprived of water in the first place and the safe water for drinking. However, our limited funding doesn't allow much scope beyond point of use water treatment.

It will be good if we could connect at my official email id

My cell number is 9910108825

Look forward to sharing more details with you.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Vivek Srivastava
Team Leader-Health Technologies Commercialization
PATH, India


Do visit various pages of

It gives a host of low cost solutions, right from Septic Tank Treatments to Bioaugmentation and Energy Efficient Aerators

Keshav Agarwal


Dear Mr. David,

I think you can get lot of information about companies involved in water sector in

Water and Sanitation Consultant


Dear Mr.Ladensohn,

India has a very large number of companies in water treatment for industrial use,public health and domestic use.One of the answers to you question suggests you read the Water Digest.I would also suggest another source called Everything about water.

Both these publish very comprehensive directories on all the companies in India with addresses, contact phone numbers as well as their websites so that you can visit the websites and find out what each company does.
I hope you find this helpful.




Dear Sir,

Greetings !


Ref : Various Infrastructure Development Projects – Water Supply, Sewerage, Drainage etc – regarding

We invite your kind attention towards the various benefits and advantages of thermoplastic piping systems for water supply, sewerage & drainage for your ready reference and kind perusal and request your kindself for use of thermoplastic piping systems for cost effectiveness and conservation of energy, environment and water and for timely completion of the work / projects.

It is globally documented, proven and well accepted fact that thermoplastic ( PVC & PE ) piping systems are the best substitute on account of highest Service life ( durability ), easy to handle & install, maintenance free once laid properly, health & hygiene ( health safety – on account of non-corrosive and resistant to algae / scale formation ) and top of the all – ENERGY CONSERVANT for above mentioned applications.

Few of the advantages of thermoplastic piping systems are penned down here for your kind perusal and ready reference :

1] More durable – service span / life is more than 50 years depending upon the application and site conditions,
2] Highest “C” value,
3] Light weight and Easy to handle and install,
4] Non-biodegradable ( No effect of arsenic, salinity, fluoride, humidity, weather, water, acid, alkalis etc )
5] Corrosion / Erosion / Scaling free and do not require external or internal coating / linings,
6] Maintenance free,
7] More resistance to abrasion and surge effect,
8] More strain ability,
9] Less water hammer effect.

PE ( HDPE & MDPE ) Pipes up to 900 mm diameter are cost effective in comparison with metallic Pipes. Though the initial cost for larger diameter above 700 mm may be slightly more in case of thermoplastic piping systems as compared to metallic/conventional pipes, there would be huge savings in the following recurring costs ( 1 to 3 below ) and indirect costs ( 4 to 6 below ) :

1] Energy Cost ( substantial savings in the cost of energy for pumping ),
2] Maintenance Cost ( as good as nil ),
3] Low UFW / NRW ( no loss of water due to leakages ),
4] Service Life / Span ( Long replacement cycle – after 50 years only ),
5] No Contamination of water,
6] Less Installation Cost ( Time & Labour )

Thermoplastic Piping Systems in general and Polyethylene (HDPE & MDPE) Piping Systems being flexible in particular , are the only piping systems which can take care of external pressure due to soil movements, soil compaction, soil settlements due to various reasons including earthquake / tremor.

Because of various advantages over metallic / conventional piping systems, the polymer piping systems are vastly replacing metallic / conventional piping systems and are being used up to 55” diameter. The largest pipeline (55”) is laid in Hawai in USA 3000 feet under sea for desalination project.

We manufacture PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Pipes and specials. Our production capacity is about 1,50,000 MTs. Per annum and our turn over is around Rs. 3300 Crores, 40% of which constitute export to 60 countries around the World. We have been the recipients of “TOP EXPORTERS” award for the past several years for many of our product groupings.

Our manufacturing units, in-house testing and r & d facilities have been accredited ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 14001 : 2004 certification.

Our product range includes:

1] uPVC Pipes & Fittings - 20 mm to 630 mm – Socketed as well as Rubber Ring Joint,
2] uPVC Casing Pipes & Fittings - 40 mm to 630 mm for Tubewells / Borewells,,
3] HDPE Pipes & Fittings - 20 mm to 1800 mm for Rising mains & Distribution mains for Water Supply / Sewerage / Drainage / Acids / Chemicals / Effluents / Ash Slurry / Sea Water Intake and Raw Water Intake / Desalination Projects etc,
4] MDPE Pipes & Fittings ( Compression & Electro-Fusion ) for Water ( HSC ) and Gas Distribution - 20 mm to 500 mm,
5] uPVC Pipes & Fittings for underground drainage & SWR Pipes & Fittings,
6] Corrugated ( Single Wall & Double Walled ) Ducts & PLB Ducts ,
7] Solar Water Heating Systems and Lighting Systems,
8] uPVC & Foam Sheets,
9] Micro Irrigation Systems for Lawns, Gardens, Parks, Landscape Irrigation, Avenue Plantation, Social & Agro Forestry, Agriculture, Horticulture, Dust Suppression Systems etc

We have a pool of highly qualified and experienced technical staff for providing consultancy and expert services for various projects including survey, design, supply, laying & jointing, testing and commissioning on turn-key basis.

In view of the above, we request your kindself for using Thermoplastic Piping Systems (HDPE) and to allow us for bidding with Thermoplastic piping systems in place of metallic & conventional piping systems. We shall maintain the HDPE Pipeline free of cost for ten years from the date of commissioning.

We shall be pleased / feel privileged if we are given an opportunity to submit a PowerPoint Presentation on advantages of PE Pipes.

Thanking you and assuring our best products and services always.

With warm regards, we remain.

Anil Lodha,
Jain Irrigation Systems Limited,
Opp. Park, Near Canara Bank, Gandhinagar,
Hyderabad – 500 080 INDIA
Cell # 094407 97855, 99493 87389
E-mail :

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